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You have come across a nitrous oxide cream charger or perhaps you have used one already. But let’s assume you aren’t sure. Don’t you just admire those perfect swirls and dollops of whipped cream atop desserts in flashy restaurants? How do those chefs attain them? Today, we answer almost any question you may have about n2o cream chargers. Read on to discover what nitrous oxide cream chargers are, and the different ways to use them. 

What are cream chargers used for? 

Chargers have various uses. However, their main application is in the culinary industry. A whipped cream charger is a cylindrical canister or cartridge mostly made of stainless steel and stuffed with nitrous oxide (N2O). N2O chargers are used to aid in whipping cream in a whipped cream dispenser. Nitrous oxide has been a potent choice for a whipping agent since it melts within the cream and mixes with it efficiently. Also, n2o doesn’t aid oxidation of the cream within the dispenser but it prevents the growth of bacteria. This enables charged cream to be stored in the refrigerator for about two weeks. 

 A whipped cream dispenser comes with a slot for attaching the n2o charger. This slot includes a sharp edge that pierces a thin foil on the charger during fixing. Piercing causes the highly pressurized gas to flow into the dispenser. The user will usually shake the dispenser to mix the gas and cream well. Shaking also increases the pressure inside the whipped cream dispenser. As a result, when you start dispensing, the cream comes out forcefully and the change in pressure outside causes it to appear bubbly. That’s how you get those fluffy toppings!

Besides aerating cream, laughing gas bears some practical medical uses. It’s an effective pain-reliever and anesthesia for basic medical procedures. A good example is when nitrous oxide is administered to help a patient relax during a dental procedure. Another application for the laughing gas is in motor racing. It boosts engine power, through a concept called nitro-boost.   

Some people use n2o cream chargers for recreational purposes. Another name for Nitrous Oxide is the laughing gas and when inhaled, it causes a high. Since it’s not sold in drugstores for recreational use, the easiest way to access it is from the kitchen where it exists in a cream charger. However, this can be termed as misuse and if not done properly, the process of inhaling gas from the charger can be risky. 

Is it illegal to sell Cream Chargers UK/US? 

Having said that some people misuse cream chargers, you might wonder whether it’s still legal to sell cream chargers in your country. Selling cream chargers is not illegal in both the UK and the US. This is because manufacturers design n2o cream chargers specifically for culinary uses. They attach to a whipped cream dispenser and provide high-pressure gas that helps in aerating whip cream. Cream chargers are thus important kitchen components at home, restaurants, and bars. Besides, laughing gas itself has other legal uses such as in the medical and motor industry.

Unfortunately, laughing gas is a common drug among teenagers and young adults between the age of 17 and 24 years. Because of its euphoric effects, it’s classified as a psychoactive drug. Under UK’s Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, selling, possession, or the use of laughing gas for recreational purposes is prohibited. The act that came into effect in May 2016 bans the use of substances that can cause psychoactive effects on the consumer.   

To curb abuse, different states in the US have also come up with various laws and provisions to regulate the sale of laughing gas. For instance, in California, sellers can only sell n20 cream chargers to buyers who are at least 18 years old. In Ohio and New York, you must be 21 years to purchase an n2o cream charger. All these regulations state clearly that the buyer is not allowed to inhale the gas. Sellers of n2o cream chargers might face various legal penalties, including suspension of their business licenses if they don’t follow these regulations. 

For this reason, it’s illegal to sell n2o for recreational purposes in the UK and the US. However, the law exempts sales of laughing gas for catering, motor, and medical uses. This makes it clear that selling n2o cream chargers isn’t illegal at all, as long as the buyers use the canisters for the right purposes. 

How old do you have to be to buy cream chargers? 

In Australia, the US, and the UK, the minimum age for purchasing n2o cream chargers is 18 years. It’s important to note that the specific regulations about the required age to purchase cream chargers may vary from country to country, and state to state. For instance, whereas the minimum age for purchasing n2o cream chargers in Australia is 18 years, in the US, each state has its age requirement. A New Yorker should be at least 21 years to purchase n2o cream chargers while California residents should be 18 years old. On most occasions, it’s the responsibility of the seller to make sure they sell to people of the required age. 

Also, the required age will depend on where you are buying. If you purchase the item online, you will notice that most online sellers require you to verify your age on their websites. They will specify the required age to shop for a cream charger beforehand. Such online businesses don’t allow you to enter their website if you do not meet the set minimum age. 

Besides the minimum age for buying cream chargers, these regulations may touch on issues concerning where to sell and what time to sell cream chargers. For instance, under Australia’s Controlled Substances (Poisons) (Nitrous Oxide) Variation Regulations 2019, sellers can only sell cream chargers after 5 am and before 10 pm. It’s also illegal to display laughing gas in retail stores.

Essentially, all these regulations come to prevent the misuse of nitrous oxide. The authorities in these regions want to boost the chances of using nitrous oxide chargers for the right purpose. This is because nitrous oxide gas is fatal especially if exposed to people without proper precautions. Also, chargers can explode if handled or stored poorly. They could harm children if placed within reach and a kid tampers with them. 

How long does it take for nitrous oxide to wear off? 

It takes about 5 to 15 minutes for nitrous oxide gas to wear off once it’s disconnected. In a clinical procedure, the professional may opt to put you on oxygen to minimize the side effects of inhaling nitrous oxide or cause its sedative effects to wear off faster. 

Nitrous oxide is widely used as a mild sedentary in hospitals especially the dental unit. Dentists let you inhale the gas and within 5 minutes, you’ll feel relaxed and able to withstand a regular dental procedure. Once withdrawn, the effects wear off almost immediately. 

For people who use whippets for leisure, laughing gas’s euphoria doesn’t last long. In this case, they have to keep inhaling for as long as they wish to continue feeling high. Unfortunately, extended intake of laughing gas can pose serious and long-term side effects. That’s why professionals may add oxygen when administering laughing gas for a medical procedure. 

It’s important to note that nitrous oxide inhibits the flow of oxygen to the brain when inhaled quickly and for a long time. Lack of or insufficient oxygen in the brain can cause various issues. Some known side effects of sudden, extended exposure to laughing gas include brain damage, memory loss, nausea, abnormal heart rate, confusion, and death.

What is the purpose of a whipped cream charger? 

Whipping cream – The primary purpose of whipped cream chargers is to aerate whip cream. It works together with a whip cream dispenser to make it convenient to beat whip cream. When connected to a cream dispenser, the charger releases n2o under great pressure. The user should then shake the dispenser to ensure a uniform mixture of the cream and n2o. The cream that comes out of the nozzle will be fluffy and suitable for decorating desserts. Besides, the charged cream is several times more than the original ingredients thanks to the n2o charger. This enables you to do more even with the least amount of cream. 

Mousse and desserts – Another important use of a whipped cream charger is to prepare mousses served as dessert or used as a fluffy cake filler. There are different ingredients for creating mousses, but the challenge is always in finding the perfect thickness to call your mixture a mousse. It’s not that easy with mechanical whipping. But with a cream charger and a whip cream dispenser, whipping up the perfect mousse becomes close to child play.  

Injecting alcohol, syrups, marinades, oil, and sauces with a chosen taste – you just need to pour your desired ingredients in the whip cream dispenser and aerate them with the cream charger. The infusion process when using a cream charger takes less than two minutes and is more effective. Traditionally, successful injection of flavors on alcohol, syrups, and other liquids took about two weeks.   

Alcoholic cocktails – it’s easier and faster to whip foams for alcohol cocktails using a cream charger. It gives uniform consistency hassle-free. Besides, a cream charger will effortlessly boost the cocktail’s flavor, zing, and panache. Traditionally, preparing alcoholic cocktails involved beating egg whites in a shaker. This not only took time and effort but also brought out a tasteless mixture with an unpleasant egg smell. Busy bars and restaurants now use cream chargers to curb all these limitations.  

How long does whipped cream last in a dispenser? 

Whipped cream stored in the dispenser canister can keep fresh for anywhere between a few hours to 3 months. 

The shelf life of whipped cream in a dispenser depends on the storage conditions and expiry date of the whipping cream. The cream dispenser canister is airtight and its content can last for several hours even when non-refrigerated. You won’t need to worry about your whipped cream getting spoiled even in cases where you used the most delicate ingredients. If stored in the refrigerator, the ready whipped cream can last for up to 10 days. When frozen, whipped cream can last for about 3 months. However, its thickness may slightly alter after defrosting. Thawed whipped cream may not be as fluffy and bubbly as freshly-made cream, but should be good for most cooking and baking purposes. 

The ability of a cream dispenser to preserve whipped cream is important for chefs, waiters, and bartenders working in busy environments. This is because they often need to prepare their ingredients in advance and use them urgently when guests or customers start arriving. This saves them time and ensures they don’t keep their guests waiting for long. 

To make sure the cream remains fresh for long, it’s necessary to avoid exposure to external impurities such as air, heat, moisture, and dust. This makes it crucial to keep it in an airtight container. During use, always store the container at room temperature away from direct sources of heat. You may use ice to lower the surrounding temperature. Storing the whipped cream in the dispenser’s canister is ideal as it enables you to avoid contamination during transfer. 

If you wish to refrigerate or freeze, put the cream in the refrigerator or freezer immediately after preparing. This will increase your chances of keeping it fresh for long. Fortunately, the canister’s material is freezer-friendly so you can comfortably keep your froth directly in the fridge. 

Are whipped cream dispensers safe? 

If handled properly, whipped cream dispensers are safe. They are built with environment-friendly materials that are also recyclable. The parts of a dispenser are made of a mixture of either stainless steel or aluminum and food-grade plastics. Preparing foods with it won’t harm your health. Besides, if you follow the right disposal procedures, you can use the dispenser without harming the environment. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take precautions when using the dispenser. For instance, the dispenser works with pressurized gas capsules, usually known as a cream charger. A cream charger uses nitrous oxide gas under extremely high pressure. In case the charger isn’t connected properly, there might be gas leaks. If inhaled, n2o can leave you feeling dizzy. 

To avoid accidents, take the following precautions:

  • Do not pierce the foil covering on the charger before inserting it into the whipped cream dispenser. 
  • Ensure you inject the recommended level of pressure into the dispenser. Have in mind that excess pressure may make the cream dispenser burst. An explosion can lead to severe injuries such as freeze burns. For most whip cream canisters, 1 to 2 chargers are enough for a ½ liter cream dispenser.  
  • Also, keep your whip cream dispenser charger in an environment that’s within 45 degrees celsius. Avoid heat or direct sunlight. This is because high temperatures can alter the form of N2O in the charger thus risking an explosion. 
  • It’s important to keep the whip cream dispenser charger cartridges in a safe location and away from kids. Chargers are not toys and they pose various risks if exposed to kids. Think of a situation where kids may pierce the n2o cartridges accidentally. The charger may either explode or release nitrous oxide into the air. This gas has intoxicating effects if inhaled.   
  • Finally, do not throw away full chargers. Read the labels to find the recommended disposal procedure. Before cleaning the dispenser, discharge all the nitrous oxide inside it. 

How to use cream chargers without cracker?

Since cream chargers are readily available, many people use them as a source of nitrous oxide for recreational purposes. When inhaled, nitrous oxide gas gives a high. The laughing gas in a cream charger is packed under very high pressure. This means one cannot pierce the cartridge with the wrong equipment or inhale it directly from the charger. This is because they risk an explosion or frostbite. The gas comes out of the cream charger or dispenser cold and at a very high speed. This may hurt your mouth or esophagus. That’s why you’ll need a cracker and a balloon.

To inhale the gas, the user needs to use a cracker to open the cream charger and fill a balloon. If they do not have a cracker, the next reliable option is to use a whipped cream dispenser. This involves filing a cream dispenser with nitrous oxide and either inhaling from it or using the dispenser to fill a balloon. As mentioned earlier, inhaling the gas straight from the dispenser isn’t a brilliant idea. This leaves you with only the option of filing a balloon with the gas from the whipped cream dispenser.

To use cream chargers without a cracker;

  1. Get an empty whipped cream dispenser and connect your n2o cream charger. It’s important to screw in the cream charger cartridge in its position without missing threads. Check to make sure it is firm. You should hear a hissing sound once the gas starts flowing into the cream dispenser. 
  2. Hold the cream dispenser uprightly and shake for a few minutes. This causes the nitrous oxide gas to flow into the dispenser. 
  3. Hold your balloon in position on the dispenser’s nozzle. 
  4. Turn the dispenser upside down and press the lever. This should fill your balloon. 
  5. Repeat the process for as many chargers you have or balloons you wish to fill.

However, if you choose to inhale nitrous oxide gas, there are some precautions to take. This is because the gas is potentially harmful if abused. 

  • First off, do not inhale a lot of laughing gas rapidly and for a long time. This is because laughing gas displaces oxygen in the brain and can result in various side effects. The negative effects may include nausea, fainting, headache, irregular heart rate, and in serious cases, death. In this case, you need to consume nitrous oxide in manageable doses and inhale oxygen in between the process. 
  • If you have flu or a common cold, it’s necessary to avoid inhaling nitrous oxide gas. This is because the gas might ruin your mucus membranes and cause complications such as ear pain or render you permanently deaf. 
  • Extended use of laughing gas may lead to vitamin B12 deficiencies. Lack of vitamin B12 is associated with various neurological complications. 
  • It’s important to avoid mixing laughing gas with other intoxicating substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and others. This can complicate the effects. 

How to use whipped cream dispenser for balloons? 

Simply attach a balloon to the nozzle of the whipped cream dispenser and dispense the nitrous gas. The process is simple and quick. All you need is a balloon, a full n2o cream charger, and a whipped cream dispenser. Follow these quick steps to fill your balloons;

  1. Make sure the whipped cream dispenser is empty before connecting your n2o cream charger. It’s crucial to fix the cream charger cartridge without missing threads. The cream charger attaches through a cartridge placed on the top of the dispenser. 
  2. Once you screw in the charger, confirm that it is firm. The whipped cream dispenser should give out a hissing sound once you fix the n2o cream charger. This shows that the gas is already flowing into the cream dispenser. 
  3. Grab the whipped cream dispenser upright and shake it vigorously for a few minutes. This way, you push the nitrous oxide gas to flow from the charger into the dispenser. 
  4. Put the balloon on the dispenser nozzle and seal the tip. It should be tight enough to prevent the gas from leaking. 
  5. Hold the dispenser upside down and press the lever. Your balloon should now fill. 
  6. Remove it and repeat the process for as many balloons as you wish to fill. You just need to replace the chargers if need be.

Tip: consider blowing the balloon a little before attaching it to the dispenser. This opens the balloon and makes it easier to fix it as the gas collector on the dispenser nozzle. 

Using a whipped cream dispenser to fill balloons is convenient for many. This is because these appliances are readily available in the kitchen and most homes use them. They are safe to use for opening nangs and durable too. You won’t need to order an additional item any time you wish to crack your nang and enjoy some laughing gas. 

However, unlike crackers, dispensers are of considerable size and one may not carry them around whenever they are attending a party. It’s easy to find it in the kitchen if you want to get high without leaving the house. But if you must go out and enjoy laughing gas outdoors, it thus becomes convenient to buy a cracker. The handheld device is pocket size and highly portable. You can use it to open your nangs from anywhere and at any time of the day.  

What is a cracker for whippets? 

A cracker is a small hand-held device, that is in most cases made from metal and used for opening cream chargers. The devices are sold together with nitrous oxide chargers in most online and retail stores. It’s commonly used by people who inhale nitrous oxide gas for recreational purposes. By design, a cracker comes in two halves. The bottom half holds the cream charger while the top half comes with a pin. It screws onto the top of the charger allowing the pin to pierce the foil charger and release the gas. Users need to attach a balloon on the top to collect the gas that comes out of this assembly. The benefit of collecting the gas with a balloon is that the gas released comes out extremely cold. If you make the mistake of inhaling it directly from the cracker, it causes freeze burns on the lips, mouth, and respiratory tract. But with a balloon, you can hold for some time to warm up before inhaling. 

Unlike cream dispensers, nitrous oxide crackers are small and portable. They make it possible to crack open your n2o cartridge anytime, from anywhere. They also offer a safe method of inhaling nitrous oxide when used in combination with a balloon. Using a cracker to open nangs is straightforward. You just need to open the cracker, place the n2o cartridge and fasten the cracker until you notice a slight resistance. Place the balloon and twist the cracker fully. You’ll notice the pattern seal is being broken and the balloon filled.

How to use cream chargers to get high 

Cream chargers used on whipped cream dispensers are stuffed with nitrous oxide gas which is also known as laughing gas. This gas has euphoric effects when inhaled and has become a very common source of pleasure with party-goers. Unfortunately, nitrous oxide is not sold in drug stores or bars like alcohol and other substances. Its source is either the hospital or the kitchen. Since it’s expensive to obtain nitrous oxide from tanks used in hospitals, people use cream chargers that are commonly sold online or in culinary supply stores for use in the kitchens.

To use the cream charger to get high, one has either to inhale the gas directly from a cream dispenser or fill it in a balloon using a cracker. Piercing the cream charger and placing it directly in your mouth to inhale n2o gas is not recommended at all. This is a risky venture that can result in an explosion or severe frostbite. 

  1. Using a cracker and a balloon

Filling nitrous oxide gas in a balloon and inhaling it for recreation is also called ballooning. When cream chargers are used for recreational purposes, they are commonly known as whippits, nangs, whippets, and whip-its. To inhale n2o from nang, you need a cracker and a balloon. A cracker is a tool that’s specially designed to open nangs. So, you need to insert the whippet on the cracker and attach a balloon on top of the cracker. Then, turn the top part of the cracker to fix it firmly on the nang. This process pierces the cream charger as well thus releasing the gas into the balloon. A single charger can fill several balloons. To get high, remove the balloon from the cracker and wait for a few minutes for it to cool. You can use a valve to inhale the gas from the balloon. 

  1. Using a whipped cream dispenser

The second option for getting high from a cream charger is connecting it to an empty cream dispenser and tapping the gas using a balloon. You just need to insert the n2o cream charger in its position at the top of the dispenser. Shake vigorously several times. Attach the balloon on the nozzle and hold the lever down to dispense. Now, remove the balloon and enjoy! 

Now that you have the balloon ready, what you need to do next is to inhale some air,  place the valve in your mouth and draw. Release the laughing gas slowly into your mouth and inhale. Hold it in your lungs for a couple of seconds and exhale. Think of how you take in a joint or cigarette. Repeat the exercise.

A high from nitrous oxide occurs quickly and lasts only a few minutes. This causes most users to keep inhaling for as long as they want to remain high. Unfortunately, ballooning nitrous oxide gas has serious effects and any consumer should understand this before engaging in the activity. For once, it’s difficult to control how fast the gas leaves the balloon. Any rush in consumption may cause frostbite, damage the lungs, inhibit the circulation of oxygen and lead to an irregular heartbeat. 

Are whipped cream chargers universal? 

Yes, cream chargers can be used on any whipped cream dispenser no matter the brand. This is because most brands manufacture chargers in sizes and shapes that are almost similar. It’s possible to find professional chargers in high quantities such as 580g. The large quantities come in handy when working in a busy environment since users won’t need to replace the chargers frequently. However, the capacity of regular chargers is always 8g. With a universal quantity, size and shape, it becomes possible to use any charger on your dispenser no matter which brand it is. 

Now that you have an idea of what a nitrous oxide cream charger is and how to use it, do you need one? Check out our wide variety of professional cream chargers made of the purest, high-quality nitrous oxide gas. We accept retail and bulk orders and guarantee quick delivery within the UK, US, and Australia.   

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