How to make Nitro Coffee, Tea, and Cocktails?

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The nitro coffee is made from cold-brewed coffee with infused nitrogen gas. As a result of the Nitrogen infusion, the coffee drink has a thick, creamy texture with bubbles, as well as a noticeable thick head, like that of beer.

When infused in tea, the nitrogen helps improve the creaminess of the coffee, tea, or cocktail of choice. Thus adding a velvety foamy crown topping to your drink, with a touch of extraordinary cascading satisfactory effect that’ll satisfy both you and your guest’s salivatory need.

Why nitro coffee, tea, and cocktails?

One apt reason most people would settle for a nitrogen-infused coffee, tea, or cocktail could be because of its great and satisfying taste and for some, the reasons might vary. 

Are you confused about why you should make nitrogen-infused coffee or tea? Worry not, here are five top reasons to try this fascinating delicacy out;

  1. Gives a great taste: when infused with nitrogen, served, the infused tea or coffee gives a good and delicious taste, adding an extra sweetness with no required sugar. This serves as an aid for diabetic patients or those avoiding sugar in their diets.
  1. Comes with a creamy taste, giving you a dairy-free beverage option: Infused Tea or coffee help meet all your milk needs in beverages. This simply means that for vegans, or those who may be milk sensitive, the creamy texture is there to serve them.
  1. Allows good caffeine boost or avoiding it: Nitrogen infusion allows people to customize the caffeine content of their tea. One of the common types of tea is nitro black tea. Supplied with some rich amount of nitro bubble and around 50mg of caffeine per serving cup, it can serve as a perfect replacement for your early morning coffee.

Benefits of nitrogen coffee

Consuming Nitrogen infused Coffee surely comes with its own advantages just like consuming regular Coffee, some of these include:

  • Reduces the risk of getting diabetes.
  • Help extend longevity.
  • Increased Caffeine (found in coffee) intake has been found to protect against dementia.
  • Aid weight reduction and fat burning.

How to make nitro coffee, tea, or cocktails

Making nitrogen-infused coffee, tea, or any cocktail of choice is easy provided with the necessary tools, equipment, and cookbook.

One of the necessary tools needed for making your nitrogen-infused drink includes a transparent glass cup (or any preferred serving cup), your liquid preparation of the preferred drink, which can be tea, coffee, or any cocktail of choice. The Isi nitro and a cream charger.

When infused with nitrogen, the Isi Nitro produces an amazingly smooth and creamy beverage, topped with a foamy cap. The hand-held, flexible, and easy-to-use Isi nitro allows you to prepare any choice of nitrogen-infused drink, giving you the creator mindset ( you can choose what to add and what not to add… Sweet!). 

A cream charger is a small cylinder filled with fused nitrous oxide used as a whipping agent. When plugged into the Isi nitro, the pure nitrogen is discharged from the cream charger and turns the already cold-brewed coffee into nitro coffee.

Step by step method to make your Nitro coffee, tea & cocktail:

Once you’ve got your tools ready, the next step is to start preparing your Nitro coffee, tea, or cocktail of choice. Cold brewed coffee has been found to perform better with nitrous oxide, so make sure to use a cold-brewed coffee, tea, or cocktail of choice.

Step one: Prepare your fine drink liquid. This might be your tea, coffee, or any cocktail of choice. After preparations, you might need to refrigerate the mixture. Do this by placing the mixture in the fridge for at least 24 to 48 hours. After removal from the fridge, make sure to shake and stir up the content to allow the proper mixture of the content, then filter using a kitchen filter.

Step two: Open up your Isi Nitro and pour in the already prepared liquid drink carefully, filling it up to the marked maximum filling capacity indicated on the bottle.

Step three: Screw back the Isi nitro cap holder and make sure to check that the nitro cream charger is fitted to the cover correctly.

Step four: Vigorously shake the whipper to mix the contents.

Step five: Hold the whipper slightly slanted toward the serving cup and serve.


Q: Can I make this at home or get nitrous coffee from a coffee shop?

A: Sure you can make nitrous coffee at home, provided you have the necessary tools, and also you can buy from a coffee shop, provided the owner makes nitrous coffee.

Q: How long does the making process take?

A: An hour or less.


Your Nitro coffee, tea, or cocktail is finally ready for taking. You can choose to refrigerate for some minutes after serving to add a more chilling touch.

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