Things to know before starting a wholesale vaping business


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If you want to be into the business of vaping, then there is a need to embrace wholesale vape so that you maximize on your profits.

The wholesale vape juice denotes that you are going to buy in bulk directly from the distributor. If you happen to be the owner of a vape store, then to purchase vape juice wholesale is what you should consider going for as it comes with a lot of benefits.  But before that, it is important to understand what vaping is all about


What is vaping?


In simple terms, vaping refers to the modern smoking form. As a vaper, you will have to inhale in a vapor that is nicotine-infused from the e-liquid or e-juice. There is the heating of the e-liquid by an electronic device to create the vapor that gets inhaled by the users.

There are various vaping devices available in the market in different sizes, styles as well as formats which include mods and e-cigarettes. Each does have an element for heating, a battery, a wicking material, and a tank that holds the e-liquid.

The device for wicking gets wrapped around a coil for heating. It then absorbs the e-liquid and when there is the pressing of the power button, the vapor gets produced. Vaping is all about inhaling a form of vapor from a vaping device. The vapes are a short word for vaping equipment or the vaping experience.  Click here to learn more 


How to vape


For you to be able to vape you will require a few things which are quite important, in the simplest form, you can be able to purchase a vape device that can be disposed of easily. It is all you require to start on vaping and after done, you dispose of it easily safely when the juice gets finished or it runs out of battery.

A device that is slightly sophisticated like the starter kits will have everything that you require to get going other than the e-juice that you need to place in it. You have to ensure that you look at the description of the product because some kits require that you purchase a battery separately.

When you have your liquid and your device, you will have to follow any instructions for filling which you will get included with the liquid or the device. To inhale from your vape is the same as smoking, but chances are that you might require holding a button while you are inhaling. Avoid holding the button you stop to inhale as this might burn or overheat the coil that is found inside your device.


DTL vape – Direct to lung vs MTL vape – mouth to lung

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Most smokers tend to like using the mouth to lung, a process of having to suck the vape/smoke in your mouth and thereafter, inhaling into your lungs from your mouth.  It is because of airflow that is quite restrictive of a cigarette as well as the likely harshness of having to inhale a lot of smoke.

The direct to lung method is known to be more common when it comes to vaping as the entire experience of vaping tends to be less harsh as compared to smoking and the airflow can be less restrictive for you.  You will be able to perform a direct to the lung by avoiding sucking the device but instead inhaling the vapor directly to your lungs as you can utilize your full lung capacity instead of a small air volume which you can suck into your mouth.


Benefits of purchasing wholesale e-juice


When you buy the vape juice direct from the wholesale vaping supply, you will enjoy the following benefits:


Saving of money


What it means, in short, is that to buy an e-liquid from the wholesale vaporizer juice suppliers denotes that, you are going to have access to high-quality products at a price that is quite affordable. When you take the distributors, middlemen, out of the process, you save money as you will not have to pay any of the fees which they charge. 

As the owner of the vape shops, you need to be aware that there are a variety of overhead costs with the business.  That is the reason why it is important finding somewhere to save on costs when it is possible, and mostly when doing the purchasing of the products that you want to store. 

You will have to pay for the labor and e-juice expenses of the vape company, and not the products shipping from a single warehouse to the next. At the same time, when you avoid the distributors, you will only have to pay the designated wholesale price on the products, instead of the higher rates which they might offer. 

Why the distributor prices normally get high at times, is because they need to make money, so they purchase the products at the wholesale and then go ahead selling them at a particular price so that they get paid. When you buy cheap e-juice, it denotes that you will get a price that is quite low as compared to having to buy per unit since when it is ordered in bulk, it becomes quite cost-effective.


Sizes of the bottles

The suppliers of e-liquids might as well offer you a choice of various bottle sizes. It is possible for your customers not to be too sure of the flavor that they like and which one they don’t like and will require getting a smaller bottle for purposes of trying out first before purchasing the one at a higher price, which could be more cost-effective. To have a wide range of sizes is known to allow your customers in making various choices, warranting a repeat sale.


The trade data

When you work directly with the vape company, you tend to have access to the various methods of e-liquid formulation. Details like the flavors, ingredients, supplying, and packaging are some of the things that you will access. With such information, you can compare easily with a variety of wholesale vapor supply so that you get the best deal for the products with high quality.


Access to relationships and deals

To shop for wholesale vape juice is what gives you the opportunity of creating a valuable and long relationship with a particular vape company. To build relationships with manufacturers denotes that they will be able to think of you when they have deals as well as new products before anyone else does.

Vape wholesalers tend to have various connections in the industry. What it means is that you can be able to meet other experts in the industry and learn from what others are currently doing to ensure that they succeed in their business. When you initially start, such relationships might not seem to be quite important, but when the time comes, and there is a need of relying on the wholesaler, you will want to know they are somewhere in case you need their support.


Extra money

When having a direct relationship with a particular wholesale vaping supply, you get the products cheaply as compared to using a distributor. When you cut the third party, it denotes that you can easily sell the products in the shop for a similar price that you usually would, but get them at cheaper prices from the wholesalers.


Always in supply

You don’t want to deal with not having the required products, especially when having a few regulars and knowing the type of e-liquids which they purchase. With the popularity of the world of vaping growing daily, you expect that more customers will come to you to look for vape juice. But, keeping a steady supply might be a problem if you work with distributors.

When you buy your vape products direct from the wholesale vaping supplies, it denotes that you will not run out of supply. And if that happens, you can always get the products to be shipped to you the following day so that your customers will know that, you care about their preferences and make them readily available whenever they need them.

To run out of stock can be quite detrimental to the business. A customer that comes in for a certain flavors or vape brands might end up leaving without buying and finding an alternative vape shop to embrace. You don’t want to lose a customer in such a manner. Instead, ensure that you work with a wholesaler that can ship products to you whenever you need them.


Purchasing vape juice in wholesale

Finding the right wholesaler is not always a straightforward process. It might take you weeks sampling the various e-liquid flavors which are available from various companies. To start your search, you should check out the forums online and ask out for recommendations.

From that, you can come up with a listing of the wholesalers that you prefer working with and send an inquiry directly to them. It is recommended that you ensure that check their websites to get to find out other information that you might find valuable.

Ensure to shop your e-juice from the specialists. You want to get to use wholesalers who do sell vapes together with the vape juice so that you can know that they will be a one-stop-shop and will provide you with all that you need. Alternatively, you might find wholesalers who offer vape juice only and it could be the best one for you because you feel they are the ones who are dedicated to their craft, developing e-liquids of high quality.

So you want to open a vape shop and start your vape business, watch the below video to get to learn more on ways of buying wholesale vaping supplies:


(Best ways of purchasing wholesale vaping supplies)


You will have to follow the steps below


Come up with a business plan

Before launching, you would want to establish the running costs, the start-up costs, marketing plans, and sales forecast. You have to consider the position you are at in the market and whether you will sell through a website, physical shop, or blend out the two. 

To be sure of the costs to open the vape shop, you will need to ask important questions like how you are going to promote the business, the number of staff to accommodate, the distribution plan – are you going to house your stock or decide to do dropshipping? What brand do you want to deal with? The above are the main questions that you will require to solve.

Always note that the e-liquid wholesale is likely going to assist you with the majority of the main considerations. An example is where they will provide you with vape juice wholesale trade at competitive products, your unique formulations, flavors in line with the compliance regulations of TPD, and white label products for your branding.


Get a supplier

The ideal supplier and the ideal product are quite important. A great supplier will make sure that you have stock whenever you require it and be flexible to order quantities while at the same time providing formulations and flavors which are quality. Get some of the fastest fulfillment lead time as well as lowest orders on the minimum.


Focus on the customer service

Whether you are going to operate e-commerce or a physical store, having good customer service is a differentiator that can be sustainable. Customers do expect a wonderful experience and they will end up choosing to become loyal to stores that tend to offer such. You have to show out that you understand your customers and that you wish to delight them with the products that you offer, delivering at the right price, on time. When you have loyalty benefits, they will offer you repeat and referral orders.


Get your brand correct

It is best to utilize a qualified designer in creating a memorable, compelling brand that will tend to illustrate the product quality as well as your values. Consistently apply your brand across the website, marketing materials, and physical products, including using your social media handle to become an effective, distinctive brand at a cost-effective price.


Ensure that you are insured

You have to make sure that you have business insurance as it is essential and you should insure it adequately to protect yourself, your customers, and your business. Get advice on this particular area which requires a specialist.


Understand the regulations

The industry of vaping is regulated for quality and safety, and thus, compliance is very important. It is another area where the accredited wholesalers might just assist you – giving out compliant blends for best vape brands which are in line with all the required regulations.

With support from a recommended vape wholesaler with a track record as well as a comprehensive vaping business support range – from partnerships with suppliers to formulation development that is unique and from the delivery of OEM white label product up to the co-packing, you will get help from e-liquid wholesaler will help you to build a business in vaping that will succeed. 


Is vaping safe?


While it might not be recommended to start to vape if you aren’t yet a smoker, vaping has been identified to be about 95% safer as compared to smoking. But you will be better of not smoking at all or not vaping, but to switch from smoking to vaping might be an improvement to your health that could be quite significant.

Within the UK and the EU, certain laws are quite restrictive when it comes to tobacco products and the ingredients which are included in them. The EU has a certain number of compounds identified of concern which makes them be banned for use.

When purchasing e-liquids that are of good quality from a reputable seller, you are making sure that you buy safe and compliant vape brands.


Vaping equipment

As you start to vape, it is important you know some of this equipment which includes


Starter kits

They are a wonderful place where you can begin your vaping journey. It contains everything that you will need to know to get started,  just purchase the e-liquid that you prefer to add into them.



They can be in majority of cases the same as the starter kits as they include everything that you require but they are a big factor form and normally provide more power for a long vaping without the need for charging or more intense clouds. Certain mods come without batteries or tanks which you can separately purchase. Mods are meant for those who tend to be more enthusiastic when it comes to having a vaping experience.

The mechanical mods are known to keep to light technology, limiting any circuitry apart for the wires that are required for heating the coil. When you activate the mod, the power that comes from the battery hits the coil in an unregulated state; there is no tweaking or limiting to regulate the way the electricity does the work.

The mechanical mods are an option that is sort of roll-your-own for vaping enthusiasts who happen to be hardcore and thus, not recommended for newbies in vaping. Despite there not being any technology in the mods, their simplicity tends to make them quite popular as a draw for the regular vapers.



  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting
  • Powerful


If you are an experienced user that understands power and components, components tend to be damaged easily if they are not used correctly.



They are the device that has gained popularity of late in the vaping community. The improvement of technology is what has made it possible. They operate in the same manner as the starter kits but are normally smaller in form.

You will come across two pod devices types; the closed systems where you will have to buy pods that are pre-filled which you then consume and dispose of after they get finished. 

You can alternatively go for the open systems which are similar to the typical devices that you will have to fill the empty tanks (pods) with your own liquid choice. Pods are known to be great as they are small, fitting easily in your pocket.



They are the simplest, cheapest, and most accessible vaping devices in the market. There are some which will offer you an all-in-one unit that you throw away once the battery dies.  Or you can go for the replaceable unit devices which will allow you to recharge the battery, replacing the cartridge that holds eh wick, juice, and heating element.

There are box mods that have temperature controls that auto-regulate vapor and power production without the need for your intervention as a user.


  • Convenient
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use


  • They offer the weakest experience in vaping
  • The battery doesn’t last for long


Picking the right e-liquid for your taste

When you decide to settle on a mod or e-cigarette, the next and most personal thing to do is to pick the right flavor of the e-juice or e-liquid that you would prefer to inhale. There are a variety of flavors that you will get being sold online, with more concoctions and mixers being developed daily. There are various options and thus you need to have certain considerations to make before you make your choice. They include:


What is the e-liquid made of?




Ziiplab ZPods

The simplicity of e-liquid is one of the vaping main benefits. It is normally composed of four ingredients which tend to be the main ones. They are:

  • The nicotine
  • VG – vegetable glycerine which tends to be used in many pharmaceutical and food products
  • PG – propylene glycol is mostly found in everything from prescription drugs to fizzy drinks.
  • Flavoring

Flavoring and nicotine are quite easy in understanding, but the PG and VG are important for your overall experience in vaping. The ratio of the VG to the PG sets out the viscosity of the liquid and because of that, the temperature required to vaporize it. It is also what determines the most suitable coils and tanks to be able to vape with.

The ratio can as well decide the intensity which the physical sensation of the inhaling is going to be. Using more VG tends to produce more vapor and smoother hits. With more PG in the mix, you will get a better flavor.

You will want to experiment a bit, trying different ratios to work out what you think is best for your palate for vaping.


The amount of nicotine

The level of nicotine that you get in an e-liquid does depend on what you prefer on an individual level. if you switch from tobacco, one option that you have to consider is your previous habits of smoking.

Levels from 0 to 18mg/ml could be the ones which are most popular, moving up the increments slowly, step by step; from 3mg to 6 mg, to 12 mg, and the 18 mg. Some retailers have higher strengths.


Frequently asked questions about vape

The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding vape:


How much does it cost to start a vape business?

It is quite cheap to begin a vape shop with the cost ranging from about $25000 to about $50000 and it will all depend on the location and store size. When you are opening in a major city, it is likely to cost you more as compared to opening in a small town in the Middle America. If you plan to open a franchise, then you should add an extra $10000.


How do I become a vape supplier?

In summary, the following are the steps to follow to become a vape supplier:

  • Come up with a business plan
  • Ensure that your business is registered, get any permits or licenses required
  • Account for any startup costs that might be essential
  • Get an insurance for your business
  • Get a credit card for your business, business account checking
  • Get funding 


How can I sell my vape online?

Whether you are planning to dropship or to retain your traditional warehouse full inventory, you will do it successfully if you ensure that you choose the correct supplier for yourself. Your decision has to be based on the location of the supplier, the shipping costs, the brands which are available and the policy for shipping, as well as the warranty and return policies.


Is vape Wholesale USA legit?

When dealing in whole sale vaping products in the USA, you need to learn about the laws in whatever state you are doing the business in. If you modify or handle vape pens, mix e-liquids, import tobacco or nicotine products, or make devices or refills, then you have to pay close attention to the labeling, manufacturing, packaging and warning laws. Each state has its own legal requirement when it comes to the e-cigarettes. There are regulations also on the way you can be able to sell products in bulk or pricing wholesale, and laws about products distribution.


Is a smoke shop a profitable business?

The revenue of a smoke shop can be about $35.1 billion per year which can be equated to the combined profits of several major restaurants.


What is the profit margin on a smoke shop?

The main retailers who are about 89% report an overall low profit margin when it comes to the sales of tobacco of less than 6%. The response that is most common was a profit margin of about 4% to 6% with some of them reporting a margins which is lower for the packs of cigarettes that are price marked at about 1% to 6% and very high margins for the premium brands which are non-price marked at about 7% and above.


How do I find my vape supplier?

If you are planning to build your first vape retail business, to get the right products for your shop can be quite overwhelming. But the good thing is that the vaping industry is quite thriving, meaning that to get a wholesale supplier will be easier for you. Get one that supplies what you want to venture into.

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