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A cream charger is a steel cylinder or cartridge that contains nitrous oxide and is used as a whipping agent in whipped cream dispensers. It contains a nitrous oxide, which is a popular clinical and recreational drug that is used to relieve pain and anxiety during childbirth. While most people use the cream charger as a whipping agent, some tend to use it as a recreational drug due to its Nitrous oxide content.

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a colorless gas used commonly as sedatives and pain relievers, but most people use this gas to get high and feel intoxicated. The gas contains both nitrogen and oxygen and has been used for the past decades as medication, which serves different purposes and functions. When used for recreational purposes, the effect of nitrous oxide reduces pain and fuels the consumer with a high pleasurable inclination. 

The nitrous oxide when consumed, seems to reduce all sensations, which includes a sense of touch, pains, and hearing. The effect of the intake seems to forestall a part of the cerebrum, and the effect gently influences memory, sight, and focus.

How to get high using the cream charger

The cream charger, as earlier discussed, is a cartridge. Since the content of the cream charger cartridge is a gas, keeping it from flowing away will be the first thing to put into check and consideration.

While some individuals tend to suck straight from the whippet/cartridge, (although inhaling directly from the cartridge can cause frostbite of the larynx), some use inflatable material (the best use is a balloon), which allows them to capture the escaping cold gas.

Carefully open up your cream charger using a cracker and capture the rushing gas with a balloon. If you are thinking of using an inflatable material, make sure to attach the inflatable at the head of the cartridge and try to drain out the content into the inflatable, and then sniff it. 

The effect of using N2O

Individual reactions to the use of nitrous oxide might vary as it is reliant on some factors. Some of these include body weight, body size, health status, amount of the N2O content sniffed in, the recurring number of times the N2O was taken in, among others. The intake of N2O may give a vibration in the body or a warm sensation and other awkward feasible development.

Development such as body deadness, analgesia, derealization, euphoria, seizure, and hallucination might be experienced, while dizziness, headache, shivering, and excessive sweating might be part of the short-term side effect of the intake of N20.

The brain damage might also occur if N2O is taken in a large dose without sufficient oxygen. Individuals who are suffering from heart-related disease might be at greater risk as it can cause heart arrhythmia. Although, most side effects are reversible and can be managed with proper treatment.


Q: How does N2Owork?

A: Although it has not been fully explained the specific component of the action on how nitrous oxide works, analysts have accepted that the action of NO2 seems to forestall a portion of the cerebrum and it denies the mind oxygen.

Q: Can the intake of N2O result in death?

A: Death from the intake of N2O is mostly caused by a lack of oxygen and prolonged inhalation which can lead to suffocation, and in return affect brain functions.


Nitrous oxide is a gas that gives a soothing effect when inhaled. Although legal in some countries, it is mostly used by dentists and some health personnel as anesthetics that help reduce anxiety. This colorless gas was recorded to be the second most abused drug in the United Kingdom after Cannabis, this is due to its availability. In most countries, nitrous oxide is legal, and almost 40 to 80% of clubbers are said to use Nitrous oxide.

The effect of Nitrous oxide upon inhalation is short, and the effect is induced within ten seconds and disappears quickly. Side effects of the intake of this drug might include; loss of balance, transient dizziness, Hypoxia, inactivation of Vitamin B12 (this occurs due to heavy intake of the N2O drug and might lead to the deficiency of the B12 vitamins which result in numbness of the fingers).

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