Sparkling Water and Soda Makers for Making Fizzy Drinks – Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide 2021


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Most people aren’t aware of or don’t discuss the many health benefits of carbonated water. Perhaps you aren’t a fan of recycling and disposal of bottles, or you like sparkling water and you’re considering carbonating your own water?

With a water sparkling machine and CO2, you can easily make carbonated water.


What is sparkling water?


Sparkling water is also known as carbonated water, soda water, club water, seltzer, or fizzy water. The water which is either artificially injected with carbon dioxide gas under pressure or naturally, under some geological process, gives an effervescent water quality. 

This gives the water some added dissolved minerals such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, potassium bicarbonate. These minerals can be added artificially or naturally as it helps mimic a natural flavor, thus eliminating the effect of the introduced CO2.

Drinking sparkling water can help overcome the dehydration, compared to sodas. Sparkling water is also not all the same as some might contain sweeteners and flavor which help enhance the taste of the carbonated water.


How does the sparkling water maker work?


The sparkling water maker consists of three function parts which are; the cartridge, the bottle, and the machine. The cartridge comes loaded with CO2 which upon loading on the machine is injected into the water-filled bottle to make the bubble and create the desired carbonated water.

Depending on the type of machine used, the bottle size and sparkling capacity might vary. The bottle contains the water to be fizzled and the machine in return aids the fizzling process.



How do you make sparkling water?


Making your sparkling water is as easy as pressing a light switch. With a process, easy to understand and implement, making sparkling water at home would be way easier than packing up your junkyard with plastics of purchased sparkling water.

Here are three easy ways to make your carbonated/sparkling water at home;


Using a seltzer or soda siphon:


With a seltzer bottle or a soda siphon, you can make sparkling water in less than 20 minutes at home. In soda siphons and seltzer bottles, a cartridge-like canister filled with CO2 carbonates the water. The seltzer bottle and the soda siphon come in different sizes which allows you to make different ranges of carbonated water needed.

Tools needed:

  1. A CO2 charger
  2. A soda siphon or seltzer bottle


  • Open your soda siphon bottle and fill it up with cold water. Cold water performs well as the colder the water, the better it performs. 
  • Once the bottle is full to the marked point, load the CO2 cartridge into the bottle, making sure it is seated perfectly (you can read the user’s manual for instructions on how to do this). Be careful not to press the cartridge trigger button by mistake to avoid wasting CO2.
  • After fitting in the charger, press the discharge button and allow the gas to be released into the water. 
  • Shake the bottle to allow the distribution of CO2.
  • Your sparkling water is ready for drinking. You can choose to serve immediately or refrigerate. 


Using carbonated water maker or soda maker


In this process, you make use of a soda-making machine or a sparkling water maker. This is also one of the fastest ways of making sparkling water as they are very easy to set up and use.

Tools needed:

  • A sparkling water maker
  • CO2 cartridge


  • The sparkling water maker comes with a cream charger filled with CO2, carefully fixes the loaded cartridge to its position, and fills up the carbonating bottle with warm water. 
  • Fix the bottle to the sparkling water maker machine, and make sure to screw the bottle appropriately. 
  • Press the action switch (buttons on different sparkling water makers might vary, read the instruction manual of the product you are using), and depending on how cool you want your water carbonated, you can press the switch more than once.
  • Remove the bottle from the machine and serve.

Using baking soda and vinegar


Even though this is considered a not-so-pure drink, it is among the cheapest methods to prepare carbonated water without any special equipment. Vinegar and baking soda are used in this process and are some basic home cooking materials.

Tools needed:

  • A bottle
  • A spoon


  • Vinegar and baking soda.


Mixing baking soda and vinegar is believed to produce carbon monoxide. Therefore, the result of the mixture is transferred into an already filled water bottle using a tube with a funnel.


Advantages of taking carbonated water


Since we are infusing our water with carbon dioxide, you might be wondering if it has any health benefits or dangers. There are many myths and rumors about the effect of carbonated water. 

Here are four advantages of taking carbonated water;

  1. Carbonated water aids body hydration since it contains the same compound as pure water.
  2. Consuming carbonated water can help increase your productivity and since carbonated water comes with a refreshing sensation that aids productivity, then it is a good go-to-take water.
  3. One of the health benefits of taking carbonated water also includes relieving constipation. The water helps aid and increase smooth movement in the system.
  4. Drinking carbonated water helps reduce the risk of having a health-related disease.


What to consider when choosing a carbonating water machine



After understanding the health benefits of drinking carbonated water, you might be thinking of getting a carbonating water machine. Many people make the mistake of selecting and buying the wrong sparkling water maker. Rather than settling for the wrong one, this checklist should guide you on how to carefully select and buy a CO2 sparkling water maker.


  1. Ease of use: The first thing you might need to put into consideration will be the ease of use. An easy-to-use sparkling water maker will give its user no pain or discomfort in operating.
  2. Price of the machine: If you are thinking of buying on a budget, then rather than breaking the bank to make payment, settling for a lesser machine won’t be a bad option.
  3. The carbonation style: A clear understanding of what style of carbonation is used with a particular carbonating machine can help introduce what method and maintenance procedure will be implemented.
  4. The capacity of the carbonating bottle: If you are planning on making carbonated water for more than one serving, then you might choose to settle and go for a sparkling water maker that has a bigger bottle.
  5. Easy separation of the bottle from the machine after the carbonation process without spilling the carbonated water can also be considered.



Here are the top 5 best Home sparkling water makers to buy if you are ever considering buying one;



The SodaStream fizzi


The SodaStream fizzi makes sparkling water with just a press of a button. With a maximum capacity of 1 liter, the SodaStream fizzi machine requires no electricity for operation. 

Two packages are available: the starter pack contains a single 1 liter bottle, a carbonating cylinder, and the sparkling water maker. Also, the Hydration pack comes with a sparkling water maker, a carbonating cylinder, three 1L bottles, two 0.5 Litre bottles, and a bubbly drop.

This machine comes with a reusable carbonating bottle, and it is powered by a CO2 cylinder which makes it more energy efficient. On order, the package includes a SodaStream fizzi water maker machine, the SodaStream CO2 and a reusable carbonating bottle, and a preserving cap.


  • Maker: SodaStream
  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Electricity: Yes


  • Easy to use and requires no special knowledge of the equipment.
  • Powered by electricity.


  • Can lead to an accident, if the cartridge is wrongly fixed
  • The cost of refilling might be high depending on location.




Q: Can I make use of any type of water?

A: Yes, cold water only performs best 

Q: Does the carbonation process change the water taste?

A: There won’t be a change in the water taste as the carbonation only makes the water bubble.

Q: How much voltage is the machine?

A: Dual voltage.


The aarke carbonator III: 


This is one of the best water carbonating machines. It comes in a glorious sight of an all-copper design and a carbonating switch. The machine uses a 60L cartridge and can carbonate a 1L bottle. 

As for the design, it comes with an exclusive elegant design and newly refined functionality. Also, it features a steel nozzle that helps maximize and minimize both carbonation and overflow during the whole process of carbonation.

Since it is powered by a CO2 cylinder, the machine requires no electricity. Although it does not come with a CO2 cylinder. A CO2 cylinder is purchased separately.


  • Maker: Aarke
  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Electricity: NO


  • Easy to use
  • Elegant design
  • Comfortable to transport


  • Comes with only one bottle
  • Expensive to buy


Q: Can you use a SodaStream bottle with this machine?

A: Yes, you can

Q: Is there a maximum amount of switch press to carbonate the water?

A: Depending on how well you want your water carbonated, we will recommend pressing thrice.


GreatWhip CO2 Fizzi One-Tap Sparkling Water Maker


For adding fizz and flavors, this is the best bubbly water maker. You can easily and quickly turn your plain tap water into sparkling water with this high-performance device, thanks to its 3 different levels of carbonation.

Uniquely designed with metallic elements, this unit provides a more refined user experience. What we particularly appreciate about it is that it is so simple to operate. You simply need to press the one-touch button after selecting your fizz level.

A great feature of this BPA-free bottle holder is its unique snap-lock system, which locks your carbonating bottle in place instantly.


  • Maker: GreatWhip
  • Capacity: 8g
  • Electricity: Yes
  • BPA free
  • Easy to operate
  • Come with a 3-year warranty
  • Has low capacity 


Q: Can I carbonate anything else apart from water?

A: You cannot.

Q: Can I use bottles from other manufacturers?

A: Using original bottles from the GreatWhip is the best advisable method for making carbonated water

Q: In case of missing parts, can I get new parts?

A: Surely, you can. By taking a picture of your soda siphon and sending it to the manufacturer requesting its availability.


The Drinkmate carbonating system: 


This machine has the advantage of being able to carbonate any liquid, and it doesn’t require electricity for the carbonation process. It uses a 60-liter cartridge for carbonating.

With a 60L CO2 cylinder, you can carbonate any beverage, and it comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer as well.


  • Maker: DrinkMate
  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Electricity: NO


  • Allows you to carbonate any liquid
  • Comes with an elegant sparkling design
  • The machine is easy and safe to use.


  • The cost of the machine is expensive


Q: Can drink mate be used in carbonated beverages?

A: Yes, it can, the machine carbonates every liquid except those filled with pulp.

Q: What type of water is needed for the carbonation process?

A: Any water will do, but cold water performs best.

Q: How long will the CO2 cartridge last

A: Depending on how frequently you make use of the machine, research has found out that a cartridge will carbonate more or less than 60L of water.


The Sparkle beverage system: 


First, of its kind, the Sparkle beverage system works without a CO2 cartridge. This machine allows you to carbonate and infuses the different delicious tastes of preferred ingredients. And besides, it offers five levels of carbonation, which allows users to have total control of the carbonation process

What’s more?

This unit comes with a stunning design and is powered by electricity.


  • Maker: Sparkle
  • Capacity: 1 Litre
  • Electricity: Yes


  • Easy to use and operate.
  • The machines allow you to sparkle any liquid.


  • Requires electricity.


Q: What are the sparkle beverage carbonators made of?

A: They are made of granules and citric acid concentrate with sodium bicarbonate which thus generate the needed CO2 gas. The two are stored differently in small quantities and will give exactly the needed amount of CO2 required to sparkle a bottle of water.

Q: Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Given, you make a change 48 hours earlier to your shipment the next shipment will be automatically canceled.




Carbonated water contains dissolved carbon dioxide which was either injected or occurred due to natural geological processes. The carbonation process causes bubbles to form and eliminates the acidity of the introduced carbon dioxide.

Carbonated water was defined as a food of minimal nutritional value by US law. A popular misconception includes thinking of carbonated water effects and poses to destroy the enamel. In absence of sugar, carbonated water poses no risk to the teeth. Relieving constipation is also part of the health benefits of taking carbonated water.

Sparkling water is sold in cans and bottles. One easy way to make sparkling water at home is through the use of a sparkling water maker, a soda siphon, or the use of baking soda and vinegar. The decision of selecting which type or what type of sparkling water maker to use and buy might be decided based on different factors. We have highlighted some suggested factors to look out for in this article.

Depending on your taste, you can choose to add a twist of flavor to your sparkling water. Additions such as flavor, chunks of watermelon, a splash of fruit juice can be added to enhance the taste of the water thereby increasing the health benefit of taking carbonated water

Most sparkling water makers make use of carbon monoxide which is filled in a cartridge, which when activated using the sparkling machine dissolves in the water. Although there is an electric sparkling machine too, most products are CO2 functioning as they are easier to use.

Have different types of sparkling water makers, with their features and product description, have been highlighted above. A clear understanding of the functionality and handling of different sparkling machines is required as canisters (CO2 cartridges), if wrongly fused can lead to an accident.

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