How to open a cream charger without a cracker

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Cream chargers have become a source of recreational nitrous oxide for users who are thinking of consuming the content since it is readily available in most states and easy to obtain. Most consumers inhale the Nitrous content to give them a soothing relief and a subtle body vibration which gives an awkward feasible development.

A whipped cream charger is a cartridge filled with nitrous oxide used mostly in the beverages and food industry for whipping. The N2O filled cartridge is used in a whip cream dispenser and serves as a whipping agent, and is ideal for any type of foam, hot beverages, espumas, mousse, and even infusion of alcohol. Usually, the nitrous oxide content is inhaled using a balloon. Individual users burst open the canister and transfer the gas into the balloon and then inhale.

Inhaling directly is considered dangerous as the gas is released under very high pressure. Direct use of the cartridge can cause paralysis of the throat muscle which in return will stop the consumer breathing.


How to open a cream charger without a cracker?


The most advisable way to open up a cream charger would be to get a cracker or a whipped cream dispenser from a warehouse. Since the seal is almost a cm deep, puncturing the cartridge with a needle will send the gas shooting out at a very high speed, thus launching the canister spinning into the air. This might lead to burning if you held the canister in your hand during the puncturing, and in the worst scenario might lead to death.

If you are willing to try opening your cream charger without a cracker, here are three proven methods to try;

Since most crackers have a needle that punctures the charger seal, constructing a whipped cream-like cracker might be your very first best option to try, and here are two ways to open up a cream charger.


  1. This is not so expensive to make, and for just at least $2, all you’ll be needing is a T or L shaped PVC pipe part, a thread at one end, a nail, a cartridge holder, a pipe fitting, and a silicone sealant. Firstly, if you are using the T-shaped PVC pipe, make sure to glue the nail in first with the silicon sealant and then move the cartridge holder to fit in the correct length of the pipe (the pipes should be 3/4inch). Add a balloon to the other end, the balloon will collect the escaping gas. Use the screw holder to hold and the thread to push in.

The cartridge holder holds the cartridge from this point, which upon push allows the gas to burst out and rush toward the balloon, allowing the punctured cartridge to release the rushing gas into the balloon. 

Never hold the cartridge in your hand, and try to avoid using a metal pipe. Using a metal pipe may lead to burning yourself.


3.This homemade cracker can be constructed in such a way that the process looks like the earlier discussed homemade cracker model, but this very design looks more like an asthmatic patient inhaler (doesn’t work like one), and it is constructed using an angle piece pipe rather than using a T shaped PVC pipe. This design will require no sealant. All you do is load up the cartridge and screw it into the point in getting punctured, then fill the area left in the pipe with water. Since the water will turn cold quickly, using slight hot water works better. Attach your balloon and puncture, making sure you keep everything facing up to make the water cover where the nitrous comes out.




Q: Can you inhale the N2O without a dispenser?

A: Using a cracker, inhaling N2O can be done. A dispenser is rather expensive to buy, while crackers are small and inexpensive.




Using a cream charger without a cracker is extremely dangerous. Without proper knowledge of how to crack it, the cartridge, if mishandled, can spin off upon puncturing. This is due to the effect of the cold gas rushing out at a fast speed. The cold freezing gas can cause frostbite which affects the skin.

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