How to make homemade Pepsi soda using Pepsi syrup

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your favorite Pepsi flavor drink from the comfort of your home?

Recently, Pepsi announced a joint project with SodaStream called Pepsi homemade. This Pepsi homemade allows you to make Pepsi soda from the comfort of your home by using a Soda machine, an Isi soda siphon classic, and Pepsi flavor syrup. 

This can go as long as serving up to 9 people, depending on the quantity you wish to make. The new Pepsi SodaStream contains two-thirds less sugar than the store-bought soft drinks, so worry not too much about the sugar content.

The good news is this, SodaStream is not only limited to creating just Pepsi flavor alone, and with different flavors in place, you can create most of your favorite soft drinks using their flavored syrup. The Pepsi soda cream syrup contains sugar, preservatives, water, dye (ammonium sulfite sugar), aroma caffeine, and acid regulator.

Want to give it a try? Read on as we unveil the tools, ingredients, and processes to create a Pepsi Soda drink at home.


Tools you need to make a Pepsi soda recipe?


  • SodaStream machine
  • Soda siphon
  • Carbonated bottle


Pepsi soda recipe – the ingredients


  • 1 liter of chilled water
  • 48ml flavor syrup


The steps involved in making the Pepsi soda recipe.


  • Get one liter of clean and filtered tap water, fill up your carbonated bottle to the marked line, and make sure the water is chilled.
  • Insert your bottle into the SodaStream machine, push it up and make sure it is locked
  • Firmly press the button on the SodaStream machine and hold for one-two minute. Repeat the same process up to three to five times. Pushing the button three times gives a subtle sparkling while pushing for five times gives a strong sparkle.
  • Push outward and unscrew your bottle from the SodaStream machine. Your Pepsi soda is almost ready and the next step is to add your SodaStream Pepsi syrup flavor to it.
  • Fill up your syrup cap to the middle of the inner line and tilt the bottle and add the flavor, shake the bottle to mix, and Boom! Your Pepsi soda is ready for serving.


Nutritional facts:


Here are the nutritional values per 100ml serving

  • Energy: 57.00KJ/14kcal
  • Fat: 0.0g
  • Fatty acids: 0.00g
  • Carbohydrates: 3.40 g
  • Sugar: 3.30 g
  • Protein: 0.00 g
  • Salt: 0.02 g




  • What is a SodaStream machine?

A SodaStream machine allows you to transform tap water into sparkling water with the help of a CO2 cylinder, a water maker, and a carbonating bottle.

  • How do I use a SodaStream machine?

All you have to do is, push down firmly the carbonating button for 2 seconds and then release it. You have to do this continually for 2-3 times to make a good fizz. You can push three times to make a light fizz or five times for a stronger fizz. After the fizzing process, gently pull the bottle and remove it.

  • Can I make or add other flavors apart from Pepsi?

You can, Pepsi is currently trying out other flavors of Pepsi which include Pepsi wild cherry flavor, Sierra Mist, peach flavor, and so on.

  • Do I need special knowledge to make this?

Making homemade Pepsi soda is as easy as reading your nursery rhymes. Once all the needed ingredients are available, you’ll have no problem making your Pepsi.

  • Is the SodaStream Pepsi available for sale?

Some outlets and stores are now selling the Pepsi SodaStream up for sale. Stores like Coles, JB Hi-Fi stores, and Woolworth.

  • How many hours can this take?

The preparation process is not a very hard task and takes nothing less than 10 minutes to make.

  • Do I get to use just one flavor?

According to SodaStream, you can choose from over 25 various flavors. This simply means more refreshing enjoyment.

  • How much does a flavor cost?

A flavor can cost as little as $6 – $7.




Are you interested in trying this out or buying it? The soda mix is easy to make and also readily available in stores for purchase.

Note: the Isi soda charger is produced in Austria and is made with pure carbon dioxide gas and recyclable steel and can be used for water and fruit carbonation. The soda siphon thus allows you to carbonate your soda water and help cut down impurities.

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