5 Types of Nitro Beverages You Need To Try In 2021

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Are you new to nitro beverages or nitro-infused drinks?

These beverages have been growing in popularity, especially the famous and highly delicious nitro cold brew. With the help of nitrogen and a nitrogen dispenser, you can infuse different types of beverages or drinks to enhance the texture and taste.

Each drink has a silky texture and a foam head that give a unique experience with each sip. By infusing your drinks with nitrogen, you will hardly need sweeteners or sugar, since the gas produces a sweet flavor.  

Unlike carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen doesn’t introduce acidity into your beverages. This is what makes it a great choice for nitro drinks.

In today’s post, we will introduce you to our list of 5 types of nitro beverages you need to try this upcoming festive season.

Keep on reading to get to the beverages!


What is a Nitro Beverage?


As the name suggests, a nitro beverage is simply a nitrogen-gas-infused drink. The infusion of nitrogen into a drink creates a silky, rich texture accompanied by a thick, creamy foam head.

 Most nitro drinks produce a reverse cascade of froth when poured into serving glass. The appeal of nitro beer, nitro tea, nitro cold brew, nitro soda, and nitro cocktails is three-fold because they have a visual appeal, a taste appeal, and a textured appeal.

Unlike carbon dioxide, nitrogen is less soluble. When it is infused into a drink like cold brew, it comes out quickly, creating a finer fizz and smaller bubbles. The frizz and bubbles give the drink a velvety, slightly thick, smooth texture with an amazing foam head.

The irresistibility of nitro drinks is mainly attributed to the foam head and silky texture.


Here are the 5 Types of Nitro Beverages You Need to Try


Nitro Cold Brew


Nitro Cold Brew. Source: YouTuber: European Coffee Trip


This is a new trend that is incredibly transforming the way people across the globe drink coffee. If you are a caffeine junky, then you will appreciate the significant levels of caffeine contained in nitro cold brew.

The goodness of nitro cold brew starts with the cold brew coffee, which is usually steeped for about 12 to 20 hours. This way, the drink absorbs a superior amount of caffeine compared to hot brewed coffee. Cold brew coffee, however, has a higher ratio of coffee and water, which can range from 1:4 to 1:8. Hot coffee, on the other hand, has low ratios that range from 1:16 to 1:26.  

Infusing cold brew with nitrogen creates a lip-smacking beverage that has a unique taste and texture and it’s naturally sweetened. You get a velvety, slightly thick, smooth texture with a distinct crema.

You don’t have to worry about adding sugars, calories, or excess fats to your diet, especially if you are trying to lose weight.  


Nitro Tea




Nitro Tea. Source: YouTuber: Unytea TV

After nitro coffee successfully gained popularity, nitro tea was introduced in 2017. It is one of the most liked beverages in American cafes.

You get a beautiful texture without sacrificing taste. The moment you taste nitro tea, you will instantly appreciate why it is a trend that has been threatening to overcome the coffee culture in the world.    

With nitro tea, you get a superior taste and texture in the absence of sugars. So, you don’t have to worry about the risk of diabetes, heart disease, or obesity when you drink this unique type of tea.

The nitro adds a natural sweet taste to the drink with each sip. With nitro tea, you get a complete sensory experience because the beverage is free of dairy, added sugar, and unwanted calories. The bubbles created by nitrogen cascade on the upper sides of the glass to give an eye-catching appeal.

Unlike nitro cold brew that pumps you with a concentrated dose of caffeine, nitro tea caffeine levels are on the low side. Just about 50 milligrams per cup. This is quite a good amount for those who like to keep their caffeine levels down.


Nitro Beer

Nitro Beer. Source: YouTuber: Lakeshore Beverage

We truly live in the golden age of beer. There are many brewers who are coming up with unique techniques for brewing beer.

But one invention from six-plus decades ago is still winning the hearts and minds of beer drinkers worldwide. We’re of course talking about the foamy, creamy, and truly eye-catching nitro beer. This beer usually features a larger amount of nitrogen. The ratio is normally around seventy percent nitrogen to thirty percent carbon dioxide.

What nitro beer is well-known for is its incredibly soft and persistent head. The drink ends up being highly creamy because of the small nitro bubbles.    

This unique type of beer gives you a totally different experience in drinking. Nitrogen beer’s popularity is increasing. The trend is more than just the dry Irish style. You just need a nitrogen dispenser, nitrogen chargers, and beer to create a unique experience from the comfort of your home.  

Nitro Soda


Nitro Soda. Source: YouTuber: BevNET.com

Another fast-growing trend in the beverage industry. Nitro soda has caught the attention of many people in society with its distinct taste and texture.

It has introduced a whole new experience of soda drinking in a similar fashion to nitro brew, nitro tea, and nitro beer. With nitrogen-infused soda, the taste is great, the texture is outstanding, and the benefits are many.


Nitro Cocktails



Nitro Cocktails. Source: YouTuber: Kitchen Alchemy 

Cocktails are the real deal when you are having good times and creating memories. The goodness of cocktails gets even better with nitrogen infusion.

The popularity of nitrogen in mixology has increased exceptionally. This is because the gas enhances consistency as well as aromatics. The taste and texture of margarita or espresso martini get better when charged with nitrogen.     

There are so many nitro cocktails recipes you can try at home as long as you have a nitrogen dispenser and nitrogen chargers.


Final Thoughts


Whether you are a home mixologist/barista or a professional bartender, you can deliver superior tasting nitro drinks that people at home or customers at the bar will appreciate. Beverages like nitro cold brew, nitro tea, nitro soda, nitro cocktails, or nitro beer. You can get some of the tools and accessories you need for creating the aforementioned nitro beverages at greatwhips.com

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