How to Make an Avocado Espuma Recipe using a Cream whipper

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Preparing avocado espuma from the comfort of your home just got easier!

Have you been wondering and curious about how to make a silky and sweet avocado espuma? In this post, I am going to explain how to make an avocado espuma using a whipped cream dispenser and an N20 cream charger.

Let’s get started:

A ripe avocado will work best. How to identify a ripe avocado? The skin of a ripe avocado is always black and not slightly green, and the texture will be firm when pressed. If hard when pressed, it is not yet fully ripe.

Tools needed




Here are the ingredients needed to prepare your avocado espuma

  • 250 g. / 8.7 oz. of ripe avocados
  • 200 g. / 7.1 oz. whole milk organic yogurt
  • 50 ml. / 1.7 oz. lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon of salt
  • 2 sheets gelatin
  • ½ bunch each of fresh cilantro and chervil
  • White pepper
  • Salt and sugar.
  • Cold water

Step by step instructions to make avocado espuma using a whipped cream dispenser and cream charger


Here are the guidelines on how to prepare your Avocado espuma

  1. Mix your yogurt, cilantro, lemon juice, and dill, and make a puree using a blender.
  2. Soak your agar flakes in cold water.
  3. Cut and remove the seed from the avocado. Then scoop out the creamy flesh with a spoon.
  4. Pour the avocado pulp into the puree and mix again.
  5. Add your white pepper, sugar, and salt to season it up, and then add the whipping cream.
  6. Strain the mixture by making it go through fine sieving
  7. Place your gelatin sheets in cold water for 5 minutes one after the other to allow them to soak. This will hydrate the gelatin and ensure a smooth texture.
  8. Remove and place your already soaked and squeezed sheets into a saucepan with a mix of the mixture, and constantly stir the gelatin till it dissolves.
  9. Add the avocado blend to the gelatin and pour directly into the pint whipped cream dispenser and screw on one N20 cream charger.
  10. Shake vigorously and refrigerate for several hours.
  11. Shake again after removal from the refrigerator
  12. Your avocado espuma is ready for serving!



Q: How nutritious is avocado espuma and why do I need it?


A: Avocado generally is known to help prevent diabetes, and According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), these are the nutrition facts for about one-half, or 68 grams (g), of an avocado:

  • Calories 114
  • Dietary fiber 6 g
  • Total sugar 0.2 g
  • Potassium 345 milligrams (mg)
  • Sodium 5.5 mg
  • Magnesium 19.5 mg
  • Vitamin A 43 micrograms (μg)
  • Vitamin E 1.3 mg
  • Vitamin K 14 μg
  • Vitamin B-6 0.2 mg
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids 6.7 g 

It furthermore contains potassium, fats, and dietary fiber.


Q: How many hours will the preparation process take?


A: As stated in the above listed simple and easy step, the preparation process should take nothing less than 25 minutes for preparation, and refrigeration time can take up to at least 6 hours.


Q: In absence of Sheet gelatin, can I use powdered gelatin?


A: Yes, you can. One packet (1 tablespoon) of powdered gelatin is equivalent to four gelatin sheets. Therefore, you should convert the measurement to meet your requirement.




What is your thought about this recipe? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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