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A pudding, jello, cheesecake, hot chocolate, waffle, milkshake, pie, or mousse cake is never complete without a topping of lip-smacking whipped cream. Whipped cream is one of the most essential parts of any dessert or cocktail. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, get-together, or a business, you need the most delicious whipped cream topping. […]

Hot Selling 580G Food Grade Nitrous Oxide Tank 2021 Review

Are you ready to take your innovativeness in whipping at a large scale to the next level? Get a food-grade nitrous oxide tank. This is the best solution for hustle-free industrial cuisine. A cream charger that contains 580 grams of nitrous oxide or more is used to refill your whipped cream dispenser in the easiest […]

Bulk buy whipped cream chargers

About GreatWhip Cream Charger Greatwhip is one of China’s largest suppliers of cream chargers. We have over a decade of experience in the cream charger industry. We can produce over 40 million cream chargers per month using the most sophisticated automatic machine. We offer all flavors of cream chargers including strawberry, banana, blueberry, mint, lemon, […]