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The vintage designed soda maker classic comes with a stunningly vibrant and pretty aesthetic design that satisfies both the user’s touch and use. Specially designed with high-quality stainless steel components, the elegantly designed vintage soda siphon comes with a super stainless mesh design with steady steam technology, designed to give a dripless pouring spout.

Designed by iSi, the soda maker classic comes with a sleek and super aesthetic satisfying soda siphon look and a high-performance bottle. The sodamaker classic operates on a different level than its predecessor. Since the first soda siphon design 150 years ago by Carl Pochtler in his Viennese manufactory, more advancements, innovations, and improvements have been made to help bring ease of use and improved portability.

The sodamaker classic allows you to enjoy serving your guests in style without electricity and countertop clutter, with convenience and ease, and an ideal way to make long drinks and cocktails. You can enjoy making carbonated juice, handcrafted cocktails, fizzing water, and wine spritzers.

With this sodamaker classic, you can enjoy a wide serving range of refreshing soda water, as you can make use of the soda siphon, anywhere and anytime. Not only does it allow you to infuse your water with CO2, but you also get to treat yourself well by producing calorie-saving drinks just for you.




  • Brand name: iSi
  • Bottle size: 1 Liter
  • Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Material: Pen bottle with stainless steel mesh



How to use the iSi sodamaker classic: 


  1. Open up the bottle and place your measuring tube into the opening neck of the bottle and fill your siphon up to the marked spot.
  2. Insert the tube and gasket into the measuring tube and make sure it lies perfectly flat against the top.
  3. Insert back the cover and screw the cover tightly onto the siphon, place the CO2 charger in the charger holder and screw the charger holder into the head carefully and listen to certify the gas has been dispensed into the bottle.
  4. Wait till the gas has finally dispensed into the bottle and then shake the bottle vigorously for about 5 minutes to allow proper mixing and then unscrew the charger holder.
  5. Remove and replace the charger holder with the dust cap and press the lever to dispense the carbonated drink.


Nb: when in use, to improve the serving quality, make sure to shake the bottle in between use. This will help ensure proper mixing of the liquid and the gas




  • Drip-less pouring spout that allows users to enjoy a fresh and healthy fizz of sparkling water, carbonated juice, e.t.c
  • Vintage clean classic look, with a mesh exterior designed over a BPA free pen plastic bottle and a high impact plastic head that comes with steady stream technology and a charger holder, the measuring tube, dust cap, and the removal key, which is used for easy filling.
  • BPA-free and easy to maintain.
  • Portable design that allows it to fit into the refrigerator, reducing countertop clutter without requiring electricity.
  • Takes less space when stored.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Requires no electricity.




  • Can only take up to one liter of liquid.
  • The machine is hand wash safe and not dishwasher safe. You can refer to manuals for directions on how to clean.




  • Does the sodamaker classic come with the gasket or not?

Yes, the sodamaker classic comes with a gasket.

  • What do you mean by “it is not dishwasher safe”?

This means you can’t use a dishwasher for the cleaning process. Since this only carbonates water, we recommend rinsing thoroughly and air drying thoroughly before storing.

  • Can I carbonate things other than water?

Yes, you can but make sure whatever liquid you are carbonating is clear and pulp or particle free.

  • Why are the bottles plastic and not glass?

 The bottle is PEN plastic. The manufacturers no longer manufacture glass bottles for user safety.

  • Does this product come with a cartridge?

No, it doesn’t.




Having a soda siphon on hand is one best way to make easy-to-serve carbonated water and drinks. Most siphons come with different designs and functionality. Since soda makers allow us to manually infuse our water, juice, or any liquid with fizzing bubbles while maintaining cost and healthy consumption, it has grown to be included among the much more important kitchen tools most houses now possess.

The soda maker classic comes with a satisfying aesthetic sight that includes having a mesh wire net on a reusable plastic bottle. With this sodamaker classic, you can enjoy a wide serving range of refreshing soda water, and also you can make use of the soda siphon, anywhere and anytime.

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