GreatWhip 8.2G Mint Flavored Nitrous Oxide Whipped Cream Chargers 24 Packs

The mint flavor makes these nitrous oxide chargers exciting.



Your order is dispatched from a warehouse that’s close to you. Whether you are in the U.S, UK, Australia, or London – we have a facility near you. This enables us to deliver your goods to you as fast as possible. Order our nitrous oxide chargers and whip cream dispensers, and you’ll have them within 2-3 business days.

We manufacture exciting varieties to match the unique needs of each of our clients. You can talk to our expert customer assistants to advise you on the product choices that match your specific catering needs.

GreatWhip Cream Charger – native Chinese cream charger experts with an irrefutable international presence in Australia, Europe, the UK, and the USA. We sell our own products abroad as well as partner with premium brands to produce their products. We use ultra-modern manufacturing facilities and our 10+ years of experience to bring you competitive items. We’ve also secured volume license agreements to enable us to provide exceptional quality products at the lowest possible market prices!

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Product Name

Cream Charger


Nitrous Oxide N2O


TUV, CE, ISO45001, ISO19001, ISO24001


24/box; 50/box;100/box




Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services,Bubble tea, Juice & Smoothie Bars, Cafes and Coffee Shops,


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