GreatWhip 640G Aluminum Whip Cream Chargers N2O Cylinders


The new whip cream charger is also lighter and more compact, with a focus on safety.

A similar cost for a bigger size! We present the new Greatwhip Aluminum N2O Cream Charger 640G.

It offers a similar tip top Greatwhip quality in a bigger and overhauled canister. The item that whips cream the quickest and most proficiently.

The delightful aluminum chamber’s protection from consumption and rust guarantees the most noteworthy virtue of N2O.


  • Aluminum material
  • Lighter to use
  • With better thermal conductivity
  • The gas leaves no oil stains and no rust smell
  • 640G higher quality, purity food grade gas
  • More durable than other cream chargers on the market
  • A safe and reliable choice for your kitchen
  • Easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

Quality Guaranteed:

Pastry chefs will be able to whip cream for hours with Great Whip’s nitrous oxide gas chargers. They can rest assured that their whipped cream will taste perfect as the purity of the product is up to 99.99%.

New materials used:

It includes aluminum, which has no oily smell and is more sanitary than stainless steel. Aluminum bottles are lighter and will not rust. It also recycles easily. Aluminum bottles are more sanitary because they don’t have crevices like stainless steel, meaning no bacteria can collect in the seams. It is whipped cream chargers that are more comfortable and convenient to use.

Sleek Design:

Greatwhip has a rich, smooth style that looks well on a kitchen or bar counter, permitting visitors to see what the gadgets can do. Cool packaging style brings a different shopping experience to whip cream chargers.

High- Efficiency:

With 640G higher quality, purity gas, cream chargers, you don’t have to change the charger constantly. The pressure regulator helps in precision and efficiency.

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