GreatWhip 1364G 2.2L Nitrous Oxide Tanks Large Cream Chargers

  • More Gas in One Cylinder
  • 2.2L Large Capacity
  • Less Wastage 
  • Conforms to Standards 
  • Fits Most Whipped Cream Dispensers


  • More Gas in One Cylinder: 1364g huge capacity, This canister contains larger amounts of Gas than other cream chargers. Help you save money.
  • 2.2L Large Capacity: It provides you with 2.2 liters of ultra-pure whipped cream chargers with the best result every time. you will feel at ease, making desserts, cupcakes, etc.
  • Less Wastage – It outperforms traditional means of whipping other modern cream chargers, because of less wastage. The release of gas is measured depending on preference.
  • Conforms to Standards – The GreatWhip charger canister conforms with Manufacturing International Standards such as ISO 9001, and ISO 9002.
  • Fits Most Whipped Cream Dispensers – Any cream dispenser can be used with this cylinder. NOTE: Please do not leave the nozzle screwed to the cylinder to avoid leakage. Pressure-reducing valves and other accessories are sold separately.

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