Original flavor 8g cream charger 100 pack

GreatWhip cream adapters are manufactured in China, ensuring the same unmatched quality and flavor that the rest of the world has expected and enjoyed. The cream charger accelerates more than twice competing brands, making it ideal for finishing off unique beverages or indulgent desserts. Cream charges may be used to imbue spirits and entice drinks and make exquisite foams and sauces for a variety of culinary creations. We turn your culinary ideas to life with Great Whip! A case contains 600 charges.

Compatible with all conventional whipped cream dispensers

  • Constructed entirely of the highest-quality, 100% recyclable steel
  • Compatible with all conventional whipped cream dispensers
  • Each non-refillable charger holds up to 8 grams of nitrous oxide, which is more than enough to froth 1 pint (1/2 L) of liquid/cream.


There is no finer N2O converter on the market since it is manufactured to the most strict industry standards for standardized product, safety, performance, and ecologically friendly methods. Before a final inspection, each cartridge is thoroughly cleaned, refilled, weighed, and checked for leaks.

What does all of this mean to you personally? It translates into quick, worry-free, dependably beautiful, fluffy heaps of ingredient whipped cream, regardless of whether you are a culinary professional, bartender, server, or home chef. It is equally helpful for creating foams – the molecular gastronomy’s darlings – and quick-infusing drinks. This translates into savings since these nifty little chargers produce more than twice the proportion of cream whipped by hand or with a mixer.

Due to variations in atmospheric pressure, this product cannot be transported by air. Handle the charger with caution since it contains pressurized gas. N2O cartridges are intended for use in the preparation of food and beverages only. Avoid incineration, exposure to sunlight, excessive heat, or storage over 120°F/50°C. Store in a cool, dry location. Keep out of children’s reach.

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