GreatWhip N2O Cream Chargers for Cream Whippers

Find a collection of expert Cream Chargers with 8.4g and 580g nitrous oxide gas, specially designed for both professional and home cream whippers.

Professional Cream chargers are available in a variety of packs including 10,24, 50, and 100. Made of recyclable steel, the cream chargers come in a metallic purple hue.
Yields over 20% more than traditional whipping methods. Use the chargers when looking for maximum yields with better alternatives to dairy, coconut, low-fat creams, and others. The device creates these high-yield mixtures rapidly.

Great Whip weighs each cream charger digitally and seals it for optimal consistent results. We identify each cream charger by assigning a unique batch number. A single charger beats up to 1 pint of liquid cream.

For use with Great Whip Dispensers: insert the charger into its position on the GreatWhip Cream dispenser, and screw gently until it’s firm. You should hear a hissing sound signifying that the gas is flowing. Shake the whipper severally, and start dispensing.

The charger cartridges carry 8.4 g of pure, orderless N2O and are distinctively weighed prior to packaging to guarantee consistent results.

Unveil perfectly whipped creams with the Greatwhip Professional Chargers for an unmatched variety of dessert preparations!

Filling guarantee: our cartridges are weighed individually to eliminate inconsistencies. Each carries precisely 8.4 g of pure, food-grade laughing gas.

Made of stainless steel that’s 100% recyclable

Certified production according to HACCP. Free of oil, odor, or residues.


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Delivery Time

We can drop ship pallets from our depots- Los Angles/US, New Jersey/US, Miami/US, Sydney/Australia, Belgium/Europe, and London/UK, directly to your customers; We also offer FOB Shipments from Hong Kong, Foshan, and Shenzhen.









10, 24, 50, 100 pack/ box,  600 pcs/case


Mint, Strawberry,  Blueberry, Watermelon, Grape, Vanilla, Banana, Original

Why choose US?


Nitrous oxide (N2O) whipped cream chargers are considered the highest quality charger cartridges by professional chefs, home users, and experts.

professional chefs


home users


BrandWeight(grams )Pack/BoxFlavor
Great Whip8 10Mint
Great Whip8 24Mint
Great Whip8 50Mint
Great Whip8 100Mint
Great Whip8 10Strawberry
Great Whip824Strawberry
Great Whip850Strawberry
Great Whip8100Strawberry
Great Whip810Blueberry
Great Whip824Blueberry
Great Whip850Blueberry
Great Whip8100Blueberry
Great Whip810Watermelon
Great Whip824Watermelon
Great Whip850Watermelon
Great Whip8100Watermelon
Great Whip810Grape
Great Whip824Grape
Great Whip850Grape
Great Whip8100Grape
Great Whip810Vanilla
Great Whip824Vanilla
Great Whip850Vanilla
Great Whip8100Vanilla
Great Whip810Banana
Great Whip824Banana
Great Whip850Banana
Great Whip8100Banana
Great Whip810Original
Great Whip824Original
Great Whip850Original
Great Whip8100Original
Great Whip580g
Great Whip250mlAluminum alloy
Great Whip500mlStainless steel
Great Whip1000ml