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Greatwhip has a decade of experience in manufacturing cream chargers, whipped cream dispensers, and soda makers for wholesalers, importers, and brand owners.

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We serve a wide range of customers comprising both wholesalers (B2B) and agents (B2C). As a leading manufacturer and distributor, most of our customers are mainly commercial (B2B) but we also serve retail customers. Our retail customer profile ranges from takeout stores, coffee shops, and convenience stores to restaurants and home users.


We are your go-to supplier for you if you are interested in large quantities of wholesale whip cream chargers. Each month, we export approximately 15 containers to wholesale cream charger businesses in different parts of the world. Besides, many other wholesalers we serve often require us to offer OEM wholesale cream charger services. This is where we customize the cream charger bottle and outer packaging box to reflect the customer’s logo and branding features.

Agent / Dealer/ Distributor

Our agents are proud to sell one of the world’s qualities and efficient whipped cream chargers. Our Wholesale Cream Chargers have become among the sought-after cream chargers and this will definitely boost your agency’s success. We have agents in Australia, the US, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. We invite you to become one of our agents.

Retail customers

We sell our products in retail and wholesale on our online platform at greatwhips.com and through an independent online retail platform grtsupply.com. We cater to a wide range of retail consumers, including foodies and bars, major restaurants, coffee shops, and takeout shops.

Our Most Popular Products

8g GreatWhip Cream Charger

580g Cream Charger

Overall Facilities & Capabilities

Our China facility provides moderate-to-high volume manufacturing as well as sourcing capabilities for packaging, materials, extra cream charger and more.


Customized packaging

♦ We also offer OEM bulk cream chargers branding and currently manufacturer several other brands for different countries!

Do you want customized products that carry your wholesale cream charger brand? Join our growing list of wholesale cream charger brands from around the globe that rely on us for OEM wholesale cream charger branded items.

Super Quality

Our customers love our products because of our unbeatable quality and fair pricing. GreatWhip cream chargers wholesale are made of top-grade materials that last for years.

Culinary Uses of Cream Chargers


Home Users

Enjoy free cooking at home


Professional Chefs

Best partner of professional chef


Food Operator

Make the freshest cream products for customers



It is the best assistant for food experts to make cream food

Why Choose Us?

Bulk Buy Cream Chargers is easier with GreatWhip. We provide amazing quality, OEM bulk cream chargers service, Bulk cream chargers production capacity, and a faster local delivery system so you can make your customer happy!


Wholesale Cream Charger

Welcome to Great Whip, where we have the best N20 Cream Chargers and Soda Chargers at the most competitive prices.


OEM Cream Charger

We are also offering OEM Wholesale Cream Chargers and currently manufacturing wholesale cream chargers for various brands worldwide!


Cream Charger Near Me

We have a wide array of N2O chargers and whip cream dispensers available at our Fort Los Angeles, New Jersey, Miami, Sydney, or London facilities. We always try to ship from the closest facility in order to deliver your chargers faster.


Quick Service

We have a great range of wholesale cream chargers available, and our expert staff would love to help you find the best ones for your catering needs.


Wholesale Cream Charger

We hold large wholesale bulk cream chargers stocks all year round of our own branded products for the Australian market and offer same-day dispatch in Australia from our warehouses. We offer FOB Shipments from Hong Kong, Foshan, and Shenzhen. Additionally, we carry a vast selection of products with next-day delivery to Sydney or Melbourne.


Consistent Quality

Our wholesale bulk cream chargers are manufactured and tested with the utmost precision to ensure consistent quality, safety, and performance. We value sustainability practices in every step of production. Count on us for your bulk whipped cream chargers needs because each one is cleaned before filling with gas – including weighing them individually at the final inspection process.


Large Stocks

We hold large nitrous oxide canisters wholesale whip it cream chargers wholesale stocks all year round of our own branded products for the Australian market and offer same-day dispatch in Australia from our warehouses. We offer FOB Shipments from Hong Kong, Foshan, and Shenzhen. Additionally, we carry a vast selection of wholesale cream chargers with next-day delivery to Sydney or Melbourne.


Rigorous Testing-

Our balloon canisters wholesale go through rigorous testing throughout their entire life cycle to guarantee customer satisfaction: starting from when they’re first made all the way up until you receive them at your home or business premises!


Efficient Delivery

With our logistic offices and extensive connections, we can complete your wholesale cream chargers in bulk orders with the shortest lead time.


Production Capacity

With the help of automated machinery, we can produce more than 10,000 units‘ cream chargers bulk every month.


Prompt Service

We can respond to your whip cream chargers wholesale orders, inquiries, and questions within 24 hours.


Cream Charger Wholesale Price

Welcome to Great Whip, where we have the best wholesale N20 Cream Chargers and Soda Chargers bulk buys at the most competitive prices.

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What Our Customers Think

I would highly recommend this company! They are trustworthy, their customer service is fantastic, and they always deliver on time. Thank you for the great experience!
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
Do you like to save money? If so, I would recommend these cartridges. Although they have the same price point as Isi North America's brand of whip cream chargers wholesale 8g cartridges, it seems that you get a similar amount out of them for an equally great value!
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Highly recommend, did the job great! Worked quite a bit better than mosa cream chargers wholesale I've tried, and it seems to whip it a lot better!
Frank Jones
From Japan
Highly recommend it; this product does the job great! It works better than a couple of smartwhip wholesale I've tried and whips cream much quicker.
Jack Brownn
From London, UK

Buy Wholesale Cream Charger in Bulk

If you have any questions or queries, A GreatWhip member will be always happy to help. Feel free to contact us by telephone or email.


Quick Reply in 1 Hour

Overseas Warehouse Distribution

It usually takes 2-3 days to deliver goods within these regions. Counting of delivery time starts as soon as the payment is clear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Smartwhip wholesale cream chargers online. Smartwhip wholesale orders enable you to buy cream chargers from Smartwhip at discounted prices.

This makes bulk buying of N2O cartridges from this brand highly convenient for someone who is in the business of retailing Smartwhip nitrous oxide chargers. Buying in bulk is also a good thing if you are running a business that needs a large supply of Smartwhip cream chargers, such as a coffee shop or a café.

There are two types of Smartwhip wholesale cream chargers, 8g, and 580g. The 580g nitrous oxide canisters are suitable for busy businesses where charging food items and alcoholic drinks have to be done as fast as possible.

With a sufficient supply of nitrous oxide gas for charging over seventy siphons or cream whippers, you can effectively and easily take full command of all your Smartwhip cream charger needs without worrying about running low.

Smartwhip wholesale 8g cream chargers are also available in bulk supplies. The most popular bulk package you can order from Smartwhip that contains premium-quality cream chargers is the 600-pack.

When buying Smartwhip wholesale nitrous oxide cartridges, you should never worry about duds. This is so because wholesale cartridges are individually weighed to ensure you get precise and consistent quantity. The cartridges also feature a unique capping design that does a great job of preventing leakages.

All Smartwhip wholesale chargers (8g and 580g) are made of recyclable materials, which is good because you can take empty canisters to a recycling firm instead of littering the environment. You should also know that the canisters are non-refillable, so they have to be recyclable when all the N2O gas has been released.

The 8g chargers from Smartwhip wholesale are designed to work with most whipped cream dispensers from other brands on the market.

The use of bulk cream chargers is mainly recommended for culinary purposes like creating whipped cream, topping desserts, making lip-smacking concoctions, and so on.

But these products are not directly legal for recreational use because of the severe medical cases that have been reported. It’s completely illegal for any individual under 18 years old to buy cream chargers in either retail or bulk. It is not illegal, however, for an adult to buy bulk cream chargers.

But there is a cap that limits what a retailer and wholesaler can buy from the same supplier in any fourteen-day period. Some suppliers will not sell over 240 bulk cream chargers to a residential address or retail customers in the period of fourteen days. The same suppliers may also not sell over 600 N2O cartridges to a wholesaler in a fourteen-day period.

The suppliers usually reserve the right to make adjustments to the limit. You might even get banned from buying from a given supplier if you make attempts to order more than what is allowed. A larger business, however, can directly contact the manufacturer to apply for a wholesale account application. This will allow you to buy bulk cream chargers without worrying about breaking the law.    

You should know that the manufacturer or supplier could cancel your bulk cream chargers order whenever they suspect any abuse of the product, such as recreational use for people under the age of 18 years.

In some cases, large shipments of nitrous oxide chargers could be confiscated by the authority, depending on the laws of that country concerning the purchase of cream chargers.

What we recommend you to do is learn of any rules that don’t allow the importation of cream chargers into your country or state. And always read the terms and conditions of any manufacturer’s or supplier’s website concerning bulk buying of N2O chargers.  

You can buy Mosa cream chargers bulk from the brand’s official store or different online marketplaces that supply Mosa cream chargers.

The most popular bulk package on offer is usually the 600 Mosa nitrous oxide chargers wholesale package. This is a great choice for catering establishments like patisseries, bars, and restaurants.

Because of stock availability changes, some suppliers of Mosa N2O chargers may only allow you to buy one box of 600 cartridges per company or individual. Most suppliers limit the purchase of the Mosa 600 wholesale package to commercial use only.

Some of the most important things you’ve got to consider when buying Mosa nitrous oxide chargers in bulk from either the official brand store or other suppliers are:


As far as the price of wholesale Mosa N2O chargers is concerned, you will always have a decision to make when you consider the quality as well as the cost of the cartridges. On one hand, you are looking for the purest nitrous oxide that will meet your requirements.

On the other hand, you are also looking for a reasonably priced wholesale package that will allow you to save money. With that said, make sure your supplier provides a flexible pricing structure.


Quality is everything when it comes to the performance of cream chargers. Mosa nitrous oxide chargers are well-known for their quality.

The brand has a steadfast reputation. But when you buy from a different supplier other than the brand, you shouldn’t blindly rule out the possibility of oil and factory residue. You should also ensure that the supplier does not include duds in the package.

Ordering & Shipping

Always choose a supplier that has simplified the online ordering process. If you can, then choose to buy from a supplier that offers free shipping and next-day delivery for wholesale packages.

As far as cream chargers are concerned, whip cream chargers wholesale are economical. Buying in retail or small quantities could cost you more per unit.  

Wholesale cream chargers are economical for people or businesses that use cream chargers more frequently. A home that holds big parties more often or a coffee shop with lots of customers, for example, can save a significant amount of dollars when they buy wholesale.

One of the best things about buying whip cream chargers wholesale is free shipping and next-day delivery.

Free shipping on whip cream chargers wholesale orders will help streamline your online shopping experience, considering that there is a significant amount of the overall cost that has been cut down for you.

A smooth and more economical experience will allow a business owner to make more profit with each batch of cream chargers he or she orders. The sweetness of buying cream chargers in bulk doesn’t end there. You’ve also got next-day free delivery.

When you buy whip cream chargers wholesale you can create a good relationship with the supplier. Your transactions record could make the supplier consider you as one of their most valued customers. So, if there is any kind of promotion on offer you will be one of the first customers to be considered.  

The relationship could get even better if the supplier is also the manufacturer of the wholesale cream chargers. Some of the most popular brands like GreatWhip, Mosa, and ISI could offer you great deals and a fast shipping experience when you buy whip cream chargers wholesale.

Not to mention that when a supplier strips fulfillment chargers from the equation, he or she helps increase your confidence as well as ease your reluctance to buy. This helps you refrain from buying from conventional brands that do not offer premium quality nitrous oxide chargers.

Mosa cream chargers bulk orders can be made by different people or businesses. But here are the common uses of Mosa cream chargers.

Production of whipped cream

This is probably the most common use of Mosa cream chargers on the market. Someone may order in bulk if he or she is running a business that requires a large number of cartridges in a single day or week. It is actually more economical to make a large order at one go. Ordering in bulk is also more convenient and cheaper for a home cook who likes making whipped cream more frequently.

Creation of alcoholic cocktails

The second most important use of Mosa cream chargers could be the creation of alcoholic cocktails. A bar, for example, can save a great deal of money buying cream chargers from Mosa in bulk. If you are a cocktail fanatic, then you can save a lot of money buying wholesale instead of small packs of 10 or 24 cartridges.

Making desserts

You can make different kinds of desserts (mousse or Mason jar French cheese) for your audience whether it’s at a birthday party, a get-together, or a business. It is a little bit different because you will be making these kinds of desserts in a cream whipper. It’s really easy to work on this type of recipe when using Mosa wholesale cream chargers and even easier to enjoy.


Youths going to a party could buy wholesale packages from Mosa for recreational use. Inhaling nitrous oxide gas, however, is not recommended for people who don’t know what they are doing. The gas makes you feel high and happy. But too much of it could affect your oxygen levels and normal brain function. It’s possible to hallucinate and even pass out on the floor.

If you are in the market for Mosa cream chargers wholesale deals, you might have noticed a slight difference in prices, depending on how many packs you order.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Mosa cream chargers wholesale packages are expensive. We just have to consider the supply chain, which is everything involved in planning, controlling, as well as the execution of Mosa cream chargers from their conception to delivery.

The brand’s supply chain management helps to ensure the final price that you pay for your Mosa cream chargers wholesale packs is as cost-effective as possible. 

Having said that, the average cost of a single unit ranges from approximately $0.16 to $0.7. The wholesale price for a pack of 24 may range from approx. $0.18 to $0.25, a pack of 6,000 units may range from $0.16 to $0.24, and so on.

According to this example, the price of Mosa cream chargers wholesale tends to decrease significantly with the order. The more units you order the cheaper the overall cost gets.

The cost may also differ depending on the country you are ordering from. In some European countries, a single unit may cost approx. $1.5 to $5.0, which is quite steep if we compare it to the initial example.

But if you get a price range that is higher than what we have mentioned per unit, then it could be because there are many players involved in the supply chain before these products are sold to you at wholesale prices. It is always a good idea to deal with genuine Mosa cream chargers wholesale suppliers to avoid unnecessary high prices.  

It is even better to buy from the brand itself if you can. This way, you will eliminate all the other players in the supply chain and get the maximum discount from the manufacturer.  

You can get good cream chargers bulk buy deals from different brands online. You just need to consider a few things during your search to make sure that you are receiving high-quality N2O cartridges. Here’s what you should take into account:

Pure Nitrous Oxide Gas 

You may get some cream chargers bulk buy deals at conveniently low prices just for you to discover that their canisters don’t contain pure food-grade nitrous oxide gas. Contaminated N2O chargers usually contain oil and metal residue. So, make sure you confirm the quality before you buy.  

Leak-Proof Design 

When buying cream chargers in bulk, it is possible to receive duds probably because the chargers don’t have a leak-proof construction. This is usually a problem with conventional brands. But you will hardly experience duds when you consider a cream chargers bulk buy from renowned brands in the cream charger industry like GreatWhip, Mosa, and ISI among others.   


Not unless you are buying the cream chargers for retailing purposes, you need to make sure that they are compatible with your cream whipper. The supplier may fail to tell you this. So, it is up to you to confirm before you make a cream chargers bulk buy. 

Free Shipping 

This is a very important consideration when you are planning to make a cream chargers bulk buy. Shipping is usually free when you make a significantly large bulk order that exceeds a certain amount of money. So, do your homework and find out which brand has the sweetest deal as far as free shipping goes. 

Are There Any Exotic Flavors to Consider? 

You can use food-grade nitrous oxide cartridges together with special taste beads to improve the taste as well as the flavor of your drinks and cocktails. So, find out if there are any flavors available for the cream chargers you are buying in bulk. Some great flavors include pineapple, watermelon, and passion.  

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