GreatWhip Watermelon Flavor Nitrous Oxide Chargers 24 Packs

Made in China, these high-quality GreatWhip ™ cream chargers help you make whipped cream that’s full of flavor and has the perfect texture. Our cream chargers make double the volume of whipped cream that other brands do, making them ideal for making irresistible deserts and beautiful beverages. Get creative with culinary foams for something to really impress your guests with and make your own unique, DIY-infused cocktails full of exciting flavors.
One case contains 600 cream chargers:

  • Filled with prime quality, food-grade nitrous oxide
  • Made from 100% recyclable steel
    Can be used with any standard whipped cream dispenser
  • Up to 8 grams of nitrous oxide in each cream charger – enough to whip 1 pint of cream


Look no further for a cream charger that’s made to the highest of international standards. With our cream charger products, you can expect performance and safety from an environmentally responsible product. Each cream charger is cleaned weighed, filled, and tested meticulously, and inspected for leaks or other defects.

Each cream charger will help you create mounds of fluffy whipped cream easily and quickly. No matter if you’re at home practicing in the kitchen or a seasoned culinary expert, our chargers are just what you need for perfect whipped cream. If you’re a little more daring then each cream charger will let you make foams as well as infused cocktails for something to impress friends and family with.

Do you get tired of whipping cream by hand or having to clean mixers? Using a cream charger instead will let you whip the cream in less time and without any of the fuss. Not only that, but you will also get double the volume of whipped cream when you use a cream charger.

Every cream charger is pressurized, meaning they can’t be shipped by air and the cartridges should also not be exposed to heat or direct sunlight, and should also not be stored at temperatures above 120°F/50°C. Care should always be taken when handling a cream charger and they should be used for preparing food only. Cream chargers should also be kept away from children and stored in a cool, dry place.

Each cream charger capsule contains 8.4g of pure N2O. Capsules are weighed individually for quality control, helping to ensure you get maximum value from the product.

Our cream chargers are certified by the EU and contain only 100% pure nitrous oxide, making for one of the cleanest cream charger products around. GreatWhip ™ cream chargers have been in popular demand since 2002 and we also offer Co2 carbonators and whipped cream dispensers. We will be delighted to work with you no matter if you are an international wholesaler or boutique coffee shop.

  • Filling Guarantee: Every cream charger capsule contains precisely 8.4g of pure N2O, and is weighed for quality control.
  • No oil residues; certified according to HACCP
  • Made from 100% recyclable stainless steel from China


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