GreatWhip® Professional Aluminum Whipped Cream Dispenser


This professional cream whipper from Great Whip is the ideal tool for making light creams at home. With this, you can make healthier and yummier whipped creams compared to the ones available at stores. You can enjoy using this cream even if you only have 16 oz heavy cream.

You get a better alternative for piping bags with our product. Ice cream, butter, scrambled eggs, and mousse will taste so much better. You can also use it to put custard or cream filling in bread or infuse it with alcohol or fruit.

The cream whipper is also sturdy and good to use every day since it is almost shatter-resistant. The premium aluminum also makes this tool last for many years. The comfy handle and ergonomic structure have a special design. This is also a perfect gift idea because of the attractive packaging.

The different nozzles you get make it possible to decorate numerous cakes, drinks, and fruits because of the fluffiness of the whip. You also get many recipe inspirations from the recipe guide included. You do not need to worry about the aftertaste. This is because this cream whipper is made from food-grade material, so anything you prepare using it is safe and free from chemicals. Placing the dispenser in the refrigerator and freezer provides added convenience.

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