GreatWhip Mint Flavor Nitrous Oxide Chargers – 50 Packs

We ship our N2O Chargers and Whip Cream Dispensers from either our facilities in Fort Los Angeles/US, New Jersey/US, Miami/US, Sydney/Australia, Belgium/Europe, and London/UK, depending on whichever is closer to you. This ensures fast delivery of all our nitrous oxide chargers, whip cream dispensers, and soda siphons.

  • The Great Whip chargers work with any kind of brand cream whipper out there
  • Each charger is full of 8 grams of the highest quality medical-grade N2O
  • Constructed out of 100-percent recyclable steel; cleaned up completely with a solvent
  • Each charger needs to be made use of at a ratio of 1 charger per pint
  • The color of cartridges may differ. The Whip-It name may or may not be stamped on the cartridge
  • Cream whipper and also Creamcharger systems are developed by Great Whip initial production partner in China
  • Each charger is cleaned numerous times with a solvent
  • Each charger is full of 8 grams of the best medical quality N2O as well as constructed out of 100% recyclable steel
  • Functions with any brand name cream whipper on the market.
  • Utilize one charger per pintThis item is for sale on Catalina Island
  • Use with cook master whipped lotion dispensers
  • Easy to operate
  • For professional use only
  • Use only as routed to dispense cream or another foodstuff
  • Pack of 24 chargers

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