GreatWhip Whip Cream Chargers – 24 GreatWhip N2O Chargers

Named after a renowned Chinese artist, these outstanding cream whipper chargers set an incredibly high standard for their low price point and quality.

Get these two boxes of new whip cream chargers from GreatWhip. Each box has a total of 24 chargers, which are suitable for use with most whipped cream dispensers in the UK.
The 100% recyclable steel cartridges are not refillable. Empty cartridges can be used for collection but avoid disposing of unused containers.

These GreatWhip whip cream chargers are incredibly easy to install in any standard 8-gram screw-in system. You get to spare a lot of time for creating those eye-catching and lips-smacking whipped cream patterns on your desserts and beverages.

They have an exceptionally long shelf life compared to conventional products you will come across in the market. The heavy-duty design of the cartridges ensures there are no leakages during long storage periods.

Product Features

  • Silver lacquered for rust prevention
  • Universal fitting for standard 8-gram screw-in system
  • Each charger is filled with the purest N2O gas
  • Individual chargers are weighed electronically
  • Delivers up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream from 0.5 liters of whipping cream

Important Safety Information

  • Contain high-pressure nitrous oxide
  • Only use with approved cream whippers
  • Each cartridge is non-aerosol and non-refillable
  • Never dispose of full cream cartridges
  • They should be kept away from children
  • Operating temperature should not exceed 50C
  • The ideal minimum storage temperature is 3C
  • Fill pressure for cream whippers shouldn’t exceed 35 kg/cm2
  • Not allowed in an aircraft
  • Designed only for food use


The cartridges contain high-pressure liquefied nitrous oxide gas. Puncturing the whip cream cartridges will allow the freezing gas to escape. So, make sure you protect your face and hands.

Always make sure each cartridge is empty before detaching it from your whipped cream dispenser. This will ensure that you don’t get burnt by the freezing N2O. immediately seek medical advice if you get burnt by the gas.

The cartridges are not for sale to underage persons and resellers are advised to confirm that their customers are above 18 years.