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Which Type of Cream Charger Should You Buy – 8G or 580G


Cream Charger Overview


A cream charger is a cartridge or stainless steel cylinder that is filled with highly pressurized nitrous oxide gas (N2O).

The small cylinder has a narrow and wide end. The narrow end of the cartridge is sealed with a foil covering that is usually broken with a piercing pin of a cracker or a whipped cream dispenser. The best cream chargers on the market have a leakproof design, which is great because that prevents them from losing the nitrous oxide gas before use. This helps to prevent any messes during use.

In this article, we will go through the various types of N2O cylinders to help you choose the best type of cream charger for your application.


Uses of Cream Chargers


The most popular uses of the different types of cream chargers are:


Culinary Uses


Whipped Cream Dispensers & Chargers How To. 

Nitrous oxide is a key ingredient in the creation of whipped cream. N2O dissolves easily into liquid whipping cream and it doesn’t oxidize the cream in the process.

But you need to make sure that your liquid whipping cream has sufficient fat content of at least 28 percent to create heavier whipped cream. When the pressurized gas comes out of the dispenser it creates bubbles that make the cream fluffy.

Food-grade N2O is bacteriostatic, which is great because it prevents bacterial growth, allowing you to refrigerate the cream whipper for up to two weeks.


Recreational Uses


Culinary-grade nitrous oxide is used by many people in society for recreational purposes. People get high on N2O because the gas slows down body responses and brain function. Inhaling nitrous oxide or laughing gas (as most people call it) can cause calmness, relaxation, and feelings of euphoria.

The gas is inhaled from a balloon and not directly from the N2O charger. Inhaling directly from a cream whipper or cracker is specifically unsafe because of the risk of freeze burns inside your mouth. You are also advised to inhale the gas in a well-ventilated area to avoid running out of oxygen. 


Types of Cream Chargers


The most popular types of cream chargers on the market are 8g and 580g cartridges.


8G Cream Charger


Standard 8g cream charger. 

This is a standard nitrous oxide charger that measures about 2.6 inches long with a bottom that measures around 0.7 inches wide and a narrow end (mouth) that measures approximately 0.34 inches.

This type of cream charger is filled with 8 grams of food-grade, pure nitrous oxide. Most 8-gram whip cream cartridges have a universal fitting with a wide variety of brand whipped cream dispensers on the market. This includes popular brands like GreatWhip, ISI, BestWhip, SupremeWhip, QuickWhip, and MOSA among others.

It is estimated that 8g cream chargers can turn about 0.5 liters of liquid whipping cream into up to 1.5 liters of highly delicious and lip-smacking cream. These types of N2O chargers are usually sealed and electronically weighed to make sure that they are exactly 8 grams.

A whip cream charger that is leakproof during shelflife is usually punctured.



580G Cream Charger




580g cream charger. 

This is a large nitrous oxide charger that contains a larger volume of nitrous oxide compared to a standard 8g canister. 580-gram cartridges are uniquely made for preparing nitrous flavor infusions and cocktails.

These cartridges are filled with 580 grams or 0.95 liters of food-grade nitrous oxide. Each giant cartridge is approximately equal to one hundred 8g cream chargers. This is after you have taken into consideration the N2O leakages that are normally associated with standard 8g cream chargers.

Unlike standard 8-gram chargers, 580-gram tanks are equipped with a plastic release nozzle. This unique nozzle design doesn’t suffer quality problems that are normally caused by poor orientation. The fact that the nozzle is made of plastic means it has superior anti-corrosion properties and doesn’t wear out easily.

These tank cream cartridges are odorless and flavorless, which makes them suitable for large-scale cocktail preparation.

They’re premium quality N2O chargers that are specifically made for large-scale home use, clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, and commercial kitchens. Unlike most conventional 8g whip cream cartridges, 580g tanks meet stringent international standards for superior and consistent performance, safety, quality, as well as environmentally responsible practices.

The larger volumes of nitrous oxide in a single canister means that you get unmatched performance as far as nitrous infusions and cream whipping methods are concerned. But you need a hose fitting and regulator to connect a 580g cream charger to your whipped cream dispenser.  


8G vs 580G Cream Chargers


When you’re thinking of buying N2O chargers for a catering occasion, you might want to weigh out your options before buying a large quantity of capsule size nitrous oxide cream chargers. This is an important factor when you consider the effort needed to use the small whip cream cartridges to meet your whipped cream requirements.

What you should be considering are larger 580g whip cream chargers because they are best suited for the job.

With the demand for N2O growing all over the world, the cream charger industry and market are increasing. Nitrous oxide cream chargers are normally available in the standard 8g canister size from online vendors. This is probably because of the popularity of standard whipped cream dispensers, which are mostly compatible with 8-gram chargers.

The capsule-size canisters can easily charge one cream whipper. But once the gas is used to create whipped cream, you will need another cartridge to keep on topping your cupcakes with delicious whipped cream.

This can be quite time-consuming and uneconomical when you need whipped cream on a larger scale. So, it goes without saying that the solution lies with 580g cream chargers. Ideal for large-scale preparations, a 580g N2O tank will meet your requirements late into the event.

If what I have said isn’t convincing enough for you, then the following are 5 top reasons why 580-gram cream chargers are more reliable than 8-gram ones.


Advantages of 580G Cream Chargers Over 8G


1.      They are Highly Economical


Nitrous oxide is a key ingredient in the creation of whipped cream. So, the supply of the gas has to be economical for you not to suffer any losses. This is particularly important when dealing with large-scale events like a party.

Almost every brand on the market sells cheap whip cream cartridges in 8g cylinders. A pack of 100 cartridges retails at approximately $60 online, while some brands may go as high as $70. On the other hand, a 580-gram cream charger costs about $60 to $70. In comparison, one 580-gram tank gives you about three-quarters the quantity of 100 cartridges.

Instead of using about 60 cartridges in an event, you can meet all your whipped cream needs with one 580g N2O charger.    


2.      Logistic Benefits


When you look at the two from a business perspective, you can appreciate the fact that a 580-gram nitrous oxide charger is a more sensible and economical investment compared to standard 8-gram chargers. This means you will be placing fewer orders.  

You don’t have to worry about storage space for ten 100-pack packages when dealing with five 580-gram canisters.

When you place orders less frequently, you don’t have to worry about increasing delivery chargers, the effort you need to put into processing your new deliveries, or the time you need to spend stocking as well as managing your inventory.


3.      Good Deals When Buying in Bulk


In a business or large-scale use, there is a cost advantage to buying cream chargers in bulk. In this case, we don’t mean how large a pack is in terms of the number of cartridges but rather the size of individual cartridges.

For example, a pack of 100 8-gram cream chargers costs roughly $60, which means each cartridge is approximately $0.6. A 580-gram whip cream charger, on the other hand, costs about $60. So, if in the 100-pack you only needed 60 cartridges to meet your whipped cream needs, then you get to save approximately $24 when you choose to use one 580-gram cream canister.

There are other advantages to buying in bulk besides lower price ranges. Many nitrous oxide charger brands including GreatWhip offer cheaper or free delivery if you buy more than a certain amount. And if your whipped cream business is big enough, you could inquire about special buyer programs.


4.      Sustainability  and Eco-Friendly


One of the most important aspects of 580-gram N2O canisters over their 8-gram counterparts is sustainability. A single large tank provides larger volumes of N2O compared to a pack of 100 8-gram whip cream cartridges. When making cocktails at home, one large N2O tank could last you a few days, depending on your usage. But you are likely to use about two to five capsule-size canisters in one day. Large cylinders reduce the number of steel you have to dispose of every time you make whipped cream, which means they are highly eco-friendly.


5.      Compatibility and Ease of Use


You can also appreciate the fact that 580-gram N2O cylinders have higher compatibility compared to the smaller cylinders.

But what makes them a must-have is their ease of use and superior user-friendliness. The smaller cartridges require you to detach the charger holder, insert a whip cream charger into the holder, and reattach the holder until you hear a whooshing sound. Well, this is quite a process, especially if you will be using several small canisters in one session.

But when dealing with a 580g N2O tank, you will be using a regulator to get pure nitrous oxide into your cream whipper. The regulator comes equipped with a universally easy-push connector that works with any brand of whip cream dispenser.

You can easily observe the bottle and working pressure from the regulator. So, regulating the amount of gas that goes into the dispenser at one go is extremely easy and effective.

You can slowly increase the volume of N2O that goes into the dispenser, depending on your needs.


So, What’s the Verdict?


We have laid out for you the top 5 reasons why buying a 580-gram N2O charger is far more beneficial than a pack of standard 8-gram N2O cartridges. So, when buying wholesale, don’t look at the pack size but the size of the canister. This way you will appreciate the importance of 580-gram tanks.

GreatWhip is your go-to supplier for food-grade, ultra-pure 580g cream chargers. We’ve got good deals for a single large cylinder to an entire pallet at wholesale prices.


How to Use 8G Cream Chargers


It isn’t difficult to learn how to use standard 8-gram nitrous oxide cylinders. You just need to have a whip cream dispenser and the N2O cartridges. Here are the step-by-step instructions you need to follow.


Step 1: Detach the Charger Holder


Remove the cream charger holder from the cream whipper.

Remove the cream charger holder. 

Start by unscrewing the whip cream charger holder from the head of the dispenser.


Step 2: Insert a Cream Charger into the Holder


Insert a cream charger into the holder and reinstall it onto the dispenser head.


Insert a cream charger into the holder. Source: directoalpaladar.com

Slide a standard 8g N2O charger into the whip cream charger holder and gently screw the holder back onto the dispenser head.

Continue tightening the holder until you hear a whooshing sound, which is an indication that the gas has been released into the dispenser. You can choose to remove the empty canister or leave it inside the holder.  


Step 3: Shake the Dispenser


Shake the cream whipper. 

The liquid whipping cream inside the dispenser is denser than the nitrous oxide. So, you have to give the bottle a good shake to properly mix the gas and the cream. Ten to twenty shakes should do.

Step 4: Create the Whipped Cream


 Create whipped cream and enjoy.

Create whipped cream. Source: searanchlodge.com


Make sure the head of the cream whipper is facing down when creating whipped cream. You cannot use the whipper while the head is facing up because that will force the N2O to leak and no whipped cream will be formed.


How to Use 580G Cream Chargers


580g cream chargers are used along with a pressure regulator (gives you superior control over nitrous oxide usage and portion control). If you are a perfectionist, you will love this type of cream charger. Here are the important steps you need to follow.


Step 1: Attach the Pressure Regulator and Adaptor



Attach the regulator to the dispenser. 

The first thing you need to do is attach the pressure regulator to the 580-gram nitrous oxide canister. When screwed properly, the bottle pressure and working pressure gauges should be facing the side of the canister with the label.

Connect the adaptor that comes with the regulator to your cream whipper. The adaptor will convert your cream whipper to be compatible with the easy push connector that connects the filling hose to the regulator.


Step 2: Fill the Dispenser with Nitrous Oxide


Use the pressure regulator to fill the whipper with a precise amount of nitrous oxide.


Use the pressure regulator to fill the whipper with N2O. Source: alibaba.com

Once you have successfully connected the pressure regulator, you can now fill the dispenser with the appropriate volume of N2O. Portion control is extremely easy with a pressure regulator.

A 50 ml portion will need 5 bar, 100 ml will need 6.5 bar, 150 ml will need 8 bar, 200 ml will need 10 bar, 250 ml will need 12 bar, and 300 ml will need 13 bar, 350 ml will need 14 bar, 400 ml will need 16 bar, and 450 ml will need 17 bar. Don’t fill the whipper with excess nitrous oxide to avoid wastage.

Once you have released the ideal amount of nitrous oxide into the dispenser, you can go ahead and unscrew the adaptor and the filling hose. Then reattach the charger holder. Shake the dispenser ten to twenty times to properly mix the N2O with the liquid whipping cream. Use the dispenser while the head is facing down for the best results.





What is a Pressure Regulator?


This is a device that helps you regulate and control the amount of nitrous oxide that you fill into your dispenser from a 580-gram N2O charger. It is very effective at preventing excess nitrous oxide waste.



How Does Nitrous Oxide React with Food?


The gas is extremely soluble in liquid whipping cream and other fatty food substances. When the cream is ejected out of the dispenser, the gas forms bubbles which make the cream fluffy and volumized. Also, the higher the fat content in the food, the foamier the whipped cream will be.



Are 580G Cream Chargers Safe to Use in the Kitchen?

Yes, they are safe to use in the kitchen. The pressure regulator that is used with a 580-gram nitrous oxide cylinder improves safety.



Are 580-Gram Nitrous Oxide Cylinders Recyclable?


Yes, they are because they are made of 100 percent recyclable steel. So, you don’t have to litter the environment. Also, with large N2O canisters, you will not have many empty cylinders to dispose of as compared to the standard 8-gram nitrous oxide cylinders.



Do All 580-Gram Tanks Come with a Pressure Release Valve?


The best models usually come with a high-performing pressure release valve. But you can always get an aftermarket one in case yours didn’t come with any.





Cream chargers, whether 8g or 580g, by Great Whip Cream Charger , are a must-have for every respectable and enthusiastic caterer. We provide the purest food-grade nitrous oxide that will create the best-whipped cream.

At GreatWhip, you will get the best prices for 580-gram nitrous oxide canisters. You will not only be able to save on money, but you will also have an easy time making cocktails and nitrous oxide infusions on a large scale.

Visit greatwhips.com to learn more!

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