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Almost any dessert will receive a major boost from a perfect swirl of delicious, fresh whipped cream. But the challenge is attaining those perfect swirls and rosettes that will bring out your culinary art at its best. Besides, you want to beat the creams fast enough to meet the demands of waiting customers. Clearly, whisking the cream with your hand or using a mixer won’t cut the mark. And that’s where a good whip cream dispenser comes in.

Whether you are making a homemade recipe or serving at a restaurant, you can rely on a whip cream dispenser to give consistent swirls and rosettes that will beautifully crown your delicacy.

What’s a whip cream dispenser? It is a cylindrical container about 2.5 inches in length and 0.7 inches in width. It’s majorly made of steel and works together with a charger that infuses nitrous oxide under high pressure into the ingredients. Nitrous oxide injected into the ingredients is basically the whipping agent. The head attachment of the cream whipper holds the charger holder, a lever, and the nozzle. The nozzle tip makes it easy for users to control how the whipped cream comes out so that they can design the patterns they wish.

How To Use A Whip Cream Dispenser

A good cream whipper is a multifunctional kitchen tool. It’ll be your perfect companion when making those fluffy toppings for fresh pastries and fruits, whipped creamy soups, desserts, and others.

As mentioned earlier, a whip cream dispenser uses a high-pressure N2O charger. It’s this pressurized gas that’s infused in the cream or the froth ingredients to whip it. Aerating cream using this tool is easier and convenient. You can be sure to prepare your desserts within the shortest time possible and by applying minimal effort. As a result, a whip cream dispenser has become a crucial addition in homes, hotels, and restaurants where desserts and drinks have to be prepared on a large scale.

Besides beating cream for hot drinks and desserts, a cream whipper can come in handy when preparing foams, infusions, and mousses for puddings, cold and hot beverages. This device is your sure bet when you want to add a twist of texture on ordinary toppings. Think of flavored, textured cream for your sweet dishes.

Additionally, it’s the perfect tool for when you wish to preserve delicate mixtures. You can have your mousse or whipped cream stored for quite some time without the risk of exposure to air and other harmful elements.

How Does A Whip Cream Dispenser Work?

A whip cream dispenser is attached to a small charger that’s full of pressurized nitrous oxide. The charger has a narrow end covered with a foil to bar the gas from leaking. To release the gas, the cream whipper comes with a pin at the point where the tip of the charge attaches. This pin will break the foil so that the gas can release into the whipping ingredients. You start the device by pressing a trigger that causes the gas to aerate the target liquid. After whipping, the high pressure will force out the foam or whipped cream through the nozzle.

Five simple steps for better-whipped cream

If you use the whip cream dispenser properly, you are guaranteed to prepare an exceptional quality froth. Also, you stand a better chance of converting most of the ingredients you put in the whipper into cream thus improving the whipped cream yield. To ensure excellent results, check to see whether your whip cream dispenser supplier packed all the required parts in the box. It’s also paramount that you have compatible whipper chargers with you.

Follow these steps to beat your cream successfully:


Open the dispenser’s top and screw in the appropriate tip. Be keen to ensure a secure connection between the tip and the canister. Fix the gasket or the O-ring seal securely under the dispenser head.


Empty the cream or the liquid you wish to whip into the dispenser while observing the fill line. It’s crucial that you don’t exceed the fill line.


Hold the head uprightly atop the canister and start screwing in gently. This ensures you don’t cross-thread. Check to ensure the top is fixed firmly and evenly. Now, insert the whip cream dispenser charger into its holder. The smaller end should face upwards. Connect the charger to the dispenser by twisting its holder gently onto the canister head. You should hear a hissing sound indicating that the charger’s top is pierced and the gas is being released into the dispenser.


Grab the dispenser with your two hands and shake it vigorously. You may consider shaking the dispenser at least 6 times. Shaking ensures uniform gas distribution. Then, hold it upside down to point at the recipe you wish to decorate. Press the lever at the top to dispense the content. You may move it gently in circles while you dispense. This way, you’ll obtain a swirl in a direction that matches your intended shape.

Note: in case the cream comes out too light, shake the dispenser again and try until you get the desired consistency.


Once you exhaust the whipped cream, discharge the residue gas over the sink before you remove the top. Dispose of the charger and clean the nozzle with a brush to get rid of any residue.

Why Use Whip Cream Dispensers?

There are numerous benefits of using a cream whipper. For once, you won’t hurt your wrists by laboriously beating cream to your desired consistency – which you may not get. A whip cream dispenser will save you time and effort. Also, you can easily make beautiful outcomes that are hard to achieve when using mixers or your hands. For this reason, whippers become your best companion whether you are preparing infusions at home or in commercial kitchens such as restaurants, coffee houses, and bars. Here are other benefits:

  • Control fat and sugar content to prepare healthier, tastier toppings

By using a great whip cream dispenser, you eliminate the need to add stabilizers and preservatives in creams before whipping. Common additives used are agar and gelatin. Unfortunately, these stabilizers have high levels of calories and strip the creams of their authentic taste. But with a whip cream dispenser, you won’t need to add other ingredients to keep your creams fresh and airy. Aeration takes place in a closed system and chilling occurs instantly. This process not only limits sugar and unhealthy fats but also prevents exposure to external impurities. It thus ensures healthier and hygienic creams that carry their natural taste and nutrients.

  • Keep creams, foams, and sauces fresh for longer

When working in a busy restaurant, you want to keep your ingredients ready so that you can serve customers fast. However, some ingredients spoil fast if they are exposed to air. You also don’t want to store ingredients carelessly as they can get contaminated and bring unwanted illnesses. But with a whip cream dispenser, your toppings are safe and will stay fresh for even a week. This is because the canister is airtight and hardly opened during use. It makes it easy to prepare even the delicate mixture in advance and make desserts quickly when customers start streaming in.

  •  Experiment and nature your creativity

Add body and volume to sauces by simply aerating them. In fact, you can make more with little ingredients thus saving your budget. The device is versatile too. Use the cream whipper to add texture and draw in different shapes. Besides, create toppings of different consistencies such as airy foams, delicate batters, and even bubbly cocktails. You could also add attachments and accessories to boost the device’s capabilities.

  • Environment friendly

The whip cream dispenser is created with materials that are reusable. You can stay confident that you are buying an item that won’t add to environmental degradation.  After using the cream whipper and chargers, look at the instructions to find out the proper way of disposal or reuse.

  • They make the process of preparing froth simple and convenient

Using a cream whipper takes only a few minutes to come up with evenly beaten, fluffy froth. With this tool, you can make your foams quickly at any time.

Safety Measures When Using A Whip Cream Dispenser

It’s important to note that even well-meaning products can be dangerous when handled carelessly. For instance, the nitrogen oxide gas used in most whip cream dispensers today could be potentially harmful. There are people who find it an available alternative to recreational drugs since it causes a high when you inhale it. To avoid accidents and unwanted uses, follow the safety precautions below:

  • Do not try to pierce the charger’s sealing cap with the wrong equipment. By doing this you can injure yourself. Remember, the charger contains N2O packed under great pressure. Careless piercing can result in an explosion and severe injuries such as freeze burns.
  • Store the whip cream dispenser charger in a cool place that’s within 45 degrees celsius. Any temperatures higher than this can cause the charger to explode. Basically, the pressurized liquid N2O can change form when placed under high heat or direct sun.
  • Use the right quantity of gas in an infusion. This means, for any ½ L whipped cream canister, allow a maximum of 2 chargers. It’s important to note that pumping excessive gas into the canister can result in an explosion. If you are in doubt, it’s important to check the recommendation by the manufacturer.
  • Always store the whip cream dispenser charger cartridges in a safe place, away from children. You don’t want your child playing with such since they pose various risks. For instance, accidental piercing of a loaded cartridge can either explode or release gas into the air. This gas is intoxicating if inhaled.
  • Always discharge the nitrous oxide from the whipper after use. Additionally, avoid disposing of full chargers. Instead, keep them in
  • Make sure you clean the nozzle and canister properly. Cream remains can block the nozzle and prevent whipped cream from flowing properly. Also, any remains inside the canister can become stale and alter the taste of your cream or hinder effective frothing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using a Whip Cream Dispenser

How do I clean my whip cream dispenser?

Almost any other part of a whip cream dispenser is dishwasher safe except the head. So, you should consider washing the head and its components by hand. To clean your whippet;

  1. First, remove the tip and cartridge holder.
  2. Uncock the dispenser head. It should have a rubber or silicone seal that helps prevent leaking. Remove these and dislodge the head valve off the head.
  3. Dip them in soapy water and rub gently. Do not use abrasive scrubbers or harsh soaps on the parts.
  4. Clean each part separately and rinse in clean water.
  5. Now clean the head with dish soap and water.
  6. Pat each part dry before assembling them back in their position.
  7. You can wash the canister by hand or throw it in the next dishwashing cycle.

Can cream chargers explode?

Cream chargers are generally safe if handled properly. However, it is possible for the device to explode if pierced wrongly or placed in high temperatures. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines to find the recommended storage environment.

Are whip cream dispensers safe?

A cream whipper is designed to be safe as long as you use it as intended. It’s crucial that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines with regard to charging and storage.

How long does a whip cream charger last?

When the whip cream chargers are new and properly sealed, they can last up to 5 years. Basically, nitrous oxide is likely to diminish in potency after 5+ years. It makes it necessary to opt for a newer N2O cream charger after this.

What about the charged cream? If you are wondering how long you can store your whipped cream, here is the answer. Nitrous oxide prevents bacteria growth. For this reason, it’s safe to keep your charged cream in the refrigerator for about two weeks. Just make sure you store it inside the canister.

Is a cream whipper worth it?

A whip cream dispenser is used widely across the globe because of its various uses and benefits. We have detailed some of its uses and benefits above. If you fancy a great cocktail or dessert and want to always prepare it effortlessly, this device is your sure bet.

How do you dispose of a full cream charger?

Since the cream charger contains nitrous oxide gas, it’s important that you think of safety first before disposing of the canister. Do not throw full nitrous oxide chargers in the trash can. Instead, find a local recycling center and drop them there. You may actually get some stipend out of your action.

Why is my canned whipped cream watery?

There could be various culprits here. First, try checking if the seal is intact. In case the seal is broken,  it means the N2O has been leaking and it doesn’t have enough pressure to whip your cream. That’s why you are getting a liquid. The second thing to check is the level of charge in the charger. Are you using a new charger that’s equivalent to the capacity of the cream whipper? Another reason could be the temperature of the ingredients. It’s important to put cool liquid inside the canister. Warm liquids can be hard to froth.

Once you have checked the above aspects and ensured everything is intact, try shaking the canister again, a few more times before dispensing.

Why is there an inconsistency to the cream coming out?

This problem is in most cases related to dirt inside the canister. This is why you should always clean your dispenser properly after each use. Disconnect the parts and wash them separately. The cream whipper should have a canister, head valve, charger holder, gasket, and tips. Clean them using the steps described above. Failure to clean these parts thoroughly causes cream particles to stick in the head valve and this makes whipped cream come out less fluffy.

The only other possible cause for inconsistent froth is an incorrect nitrous oxide to cream ratio. This you can solve by simply shaking the canister thoroughly before dispensing.


A rich delicious cream perfectly swirled atop a dessert is always the crowning gem of this appetizer. Just how do the restaurants attain these perfect, detailed swirls anyway? Today, we’ve let the secret out. Now you can say goodbye to blobby, unattractive rosettes next time you are in the mood for a dessert. All you need is your ingredients and a handy whipping tool. Then you can follow this guide and prepare your delicacies in no time.

Do you wish to try frothing using a whip cream dispenser? You’ll actually discover how a cream whipper makes the work easy for you? Check out our varieties of cream dispensers and chargers today to choose one that suits your needs.

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