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Type of Cream Charger

Are you in the market for cream chargers?

There are different types of cream chargers you can buy depending on how you are planning to use them.

Cream chargers are typically categorized according to size (the amount of nitrous oxide in the cartridge). The popular sizes on the market are 8g, 16g, and 580g.

In today’s post, we will cover each type of cream charger and how to use them.

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What is a Cream Charger?

A cream charger, an N2O charger, or a nitrous oxide cartridge is a metallic cylinder that is filled with pressurized culinary-grade nitrous oxide.

Types of Cream Chargers

There’re essentially three types of cream chargers you can buy on the market.

1. 8G Cream Chargers

This is the smallest type of N2O charger on the market, which contains 8 grams of pure, food-grade nitrous oxide.

The cartridge is 2.5 inches long and 0.7 inches wide and the walls are approximately 1/16 inch thick. The opening of the cartridge is covered by foil, which is the one that will be pierced by a piercing pin to release the N2O.

This type of nitrous oxide cartridge is non-refillable but 100 percent recyclable.

How to Use 8G Cream Chargers

8-gram cream chargers are compatible with standard 8g whip cream dispensers.

Unscrew the charger holder from the dispenser head. Then insert a nitrous oxide cartridge into the charger holder and reinstall the holder.

Screw the holder until you hear a whooshing sound, which indicates that the N2O gas has been released into the dispenser bottle.

2. 16G Cream Chargers

These nitrous oxide chargers are slightly bigger compared to 8g cartridges. They are filled with twice the amount of nitrous oxide contained in 8-gram cartridges.

The cartridge has a slender side that features the point from which the gas will leave the canister when pierced. The bigger size of the cartridges will not fit in the standard 8g cream charger holder of your dispenser.

So, you will need a 16g bulb charger holder to use this type of cartridge with your standard cream whipper.

How to Use 16G Cream Chargers

To use this type of cream charger with your 8g whip cream dispenser, you need a 16g bulb charger holder.

You will just screw the holder on top of the piercing pin until you hear a whooshing sound. The sound means that the gas has been injected into the cream whipper.

But the 16g N2O cartridge will inject twice the amount of food-grade nitrous oxide gas into the dispenser.

3. 580G Cream Chargers

These are among the largest cream chargers on the market. The cartridge is big enough to be called a small tank.

They contain 580g of nitrous oxide, which is the equivalent of 85 8-gram nitrous oxide chargers. Unlike 8g cartridges that can create roughly 0.5 liters of whipped cream, a 580g tank can produce around 42.5 liters of whipped cream.

With a large cream charger, you will have more than enough supply of culinary-grade N2O for large occasions. This type of cartridge is incredibly time-saving compared to the smaller 8g cartridges.

These cream chargers are fully recyclable and disposable. They are also pressure-tested at 165 bar.

How to Use 580G Cream Chargers

For this type of N2O charger, you need a filling hose, configurator or adapter, and pressure regulator to be able to use it with a standard 8g whip cream dispenser.

To use a 580g cream charger, you need to connect the filling hose to the pressure regulator and the adapter that screws onto the dispenser head. The pressure regulator allows you to regulate and control the working pressure as well as the bottle pressure.

Unlike 8g and 16g chargers, which inject the entire contents of the cartridge into the dispenser, with a 580g charger you need to inject the exact amount of N2O with respect to the amount of liquid whipping cream in the dispenser.


Now you know the various types of cream chargers that are on the market.

The most popular choice for home use is 8g cream chargers. But for a business or large occasion, you would want to consider 580g cream chargers because they can whip up to 42.5 liters of cream.

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