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Which Types of Cream Chargers to Buy?

A cream charge has different functions, designs, and models depending on its purpose. They can be used for culinary purposes, professional whipped cream use, or recreational use, which each has its own type. Other factors involved to choose what type of cream charger best suits you are important, such as the design and if it’s a whip charger with its dispensers. Among the types of whipped cream charges, there are two which are the most popular on the market, an 8g and 580g cream charger. 


8g Cream Charger Advantages and Disadvantages.


An 8g cream charger is the standard model for a nitrous oxide charger. This charges measurements and dimensions are around 2.6 inches in length and 0.7 inches wide. They weigh approximately 8 grams and are an electric-powered charge. They are filled with approximately 8 grams of food-grade pure nitrous oxide. The opening or mouth is about 0.34 inches. This whipped cream dispenser can take in 0.5 liters of liquid whip cream and convert it into 1.5 liters of thick cream. 


The benefits of using an 8g whip dispenser are that the is user-friendly, it doesn’t have a complicated design or guide, is durable can last for years, is leak-proof, and finally, is effortless to disarm and clean. On the contrary, the disadvantages of using an 8g cream charger are the capacity and that if it’s not taken care of properly it might get rusty or oxidized. Additionally, the 8-gram nitrous oxide charger may optimize the growth of bacteria and it might not be detected. 


580g Cream Charger Advantages and Disadvantages.

The 580g Cream Charger is a bigger cream dispenser than the normal 8g canister size. Since they have a larger size, they are used for desserts and beverages such as cocktails or mixing new flavors. They have a volume quantity of 0.95 liters of light whipped cream. This whipped cream cartridge has numerous benefits, the primary one being the ability to hold much more cream without having the need of refilling and cleaning it consistently. The cartridges do not leak or transfer any flavor or smell. The disadvantages regarding a 580g whipping cream dispenser are that unless you are handling a big party or working in a business it would be massive.


8g VS 580g Cream Chargers


Choosing the right whipped cream dispenser is not an easy task since the N20 whipped cream chargers and capsule size are important when buying the capacity of the dispenser. If you need a small whip cream dispenser you must contemplate those factors to fit your cartridge’s needs. On the other hand, if you require a heavier dispenser to match your job needs, a 580g whip is best. 


The most common cream charger is an 8-gram charger since the Nitrous oxide canister is the standard size. Unfortunately, if your case is that you require a larger capacity cream charger, an 8g charger will be a waste of money and time. The 580g charger comes with a universal connector that is important when regulating the amount of N2O cream from your tank. If you require a whip cream charger try to consider a larger size, a 580g  charger can produce around 42.5 liters of cream. These cream dispensers and chargers and many other types are available at GreatWhip at an amazing price, begin saving money and making your life easier without refilling your whip cream dispenser. Visit for more information regarding the best whip cream chargers.


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