240 Pack Pure N2O 8G Cream Chargers Watermelon FLavour

Key Features

  • Contain 8g of nitrous oxide
  • 100 percent recyclable steel
  • Non-refillable and non-aerosol
  • Usable with all standard 8-gram cream makers


The average amount of nitrous oxide gas is 8 grams in our whip cream chargers. Each cartridge is electronically weighed to ensure that you get the exact amount.

With our 240 8g cream charger pack, you are equipped with more than enough doses for delivering creative cooking concoctions to family, friends, and customers. Whether you are expanding your dessert menu, topping your nitro coffee, or spicing up your cocktail – GreatWhip cartridges don’t disappoint.

Those looking for larger quantities for large-scale catering events and professional cooking can check out our wholesale packages in 100 and 600 quantities.

The cartridges in this pack are compatible with all standard 8g nitrous oxide whipped cream makers on the market, including GreatWhip, Liss, Mosa, Kayser, and ISI.

Additional information

Product Name

Cream Charger


Nitrous Oxide N2O


TUV, CE, ISO45001, ISO19001, ISO24001


24/box; 50/box;100/box




Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services,Bubble tea, Juice & Smoothie Bars, Cafes and Coffee Shops,


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