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  • Same contents as 72‘normal’ cream chargers
  • Pressure release nozzle included per cylinder in every order
  • Discreetly packaged


The 580g Cream Charger


  • The 580g cream chargeris larger than the 8-gram and, therefore, holds more nitrous oxide. This type of cream charger was designed specifically to prepare cocktails and infusions that are nitrous flavored.
  • Filled with 580g or an equivalent of 0.95 liters of food-safe nitrous oxide, its huge cartridge capacity is about one hundred times that of the 8 g cream charger. The 580g charger come equipped with a plastic nozzle that is non-corrosive and durable.
  • When preparing large cocktails the cream cartridges are the better options because they are odorless and flavorless.
  • These are ideal for use in bars, cafes, clubs, restaurants, commercial kitchens, and in homes where large-scale preparations are done. These cartridges meet rigorous international standards requiring quality performance, safety, and safe environmental practices.


A regulator is needed to connect both your 580g cream charger and whipped cream dispenser together.

8G vs 580G Cream Chargers

If you are into catering and you want to buy N20 chargers, you will need to consider your options. Since the job might be on a large scale, the small 8g cream charger would not be your best option. Your choice should obviously be the 580g cream charger because this would be ideally suited for the situation.

The worldwide growing demand for the N2O has led to an increase in production and a growth in the industry. The popularity of the 8g cream chargers is due mainly to the availability of the standardized 8g canisters online and buyers can purchase these easily. The availability of the 8g whipped cream dispensers online is another factor that is pushing the expansion of the industry.

The small-sized canisters usually can charge one cream whipper with ease. However, whenever the whipped cream is prepared and the gas is used another cartridge will be needed to continue if you’re adding the topping to the desired pastry.

This can be tedious, and inefficient when doing large-scale cake decorating jobs. For larger jobs, the 580g cream charger is your best choice.

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Additional information

Product Name

Cream Charger


Nitrous Oxide N2O


TUV, CE, ISO45001, ISO19001, ISO24001


1/box; 6/box




Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services,Bubble tea, Juice & Smoothie Bars, Cafes and Coffee Shops,


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