GreatWhip 50-Pack Mint-Flavored Nitrous Oxide Chargers

The mint flavor makes these nitrous oxide chargers exciting.



You are in for something exciting and refreshing with these nitrous oxide chargers. These chargers are exciting because they have 2 times more gas compared to standard nitrous oxide chargers. This means you can make way more cream within seconds.

You easily use this with our 16-gram nitrous oxide chargers with 8-gram nitrous oxide dispensers because of the 2-piece nitrous oxide charger holder. You just need to put the 16-gram nitrous chargers in the holder, attach the pieces, and twist them onto the dispenser. No additional equipment is needed.

These nitrous oxide chargers are made in a special facility that has advanced equipment, quality control, and electronic weighing. Great Whip is also a known brand in many countries around the world.

What can you expect from these nitrous oxide chargers?

● It is filled with pure nitrous oxide certified by Linde and pure Linde nitrous oxide gas. Each charger is made with the best quality gas to make delicious whipped cream.
● No greasy silt
● Has silver lacquer to prevent rusting on the top part of the chargers caused by moisture in the kitchen
● Weights are collected electronically
● Every box has five 8-gram nitrous oxide chargers that you can use with our whipped cream dispensers. An 8-gram nitrous oxide charger adapter must be used.

Additional information

Product Name

Cream Charger


Nitrous Oxide N2O


TUV, CE, ISO45001, ISO19001, ISO24001


24/box; 50/box;100/box




Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services,Bubble tea, Juice & Smoothie Bars, Cafes and Coffee Shops,


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