600 8G Whip Cream Chargers Mint Flavour

Key Features

  • 100 percent recyclable steel
  • Capsules are weighed separately
  • Guaranteed to contain no oil residue
  • Universal fitting for standard 8g systems
  • Non-threaded design


Have you been looking for a premium-quality bulk supply of cream chargers? Look no further than this 600 pack of GreatWhip N2O cream chargers.

These nitrous oxide cartridges are much more than conventional whip cream chargers. They feature the highest-quality materials and are designed to the industry’s highest standards. Each cartridge in this bulk pack delivers more food-grade nitrous oxide for the best-whipped cream results.

Apart from our 600 pack, you can also consider our 100, 50, and 24 cream chargers packs. All these cream chargers are perfect for patisseries, bars, cafes, restaurants, and catering establishments for marvelous creations.

These chargers have a universal fitting for all standard 8g whipped cream dispensers on the market.

Additional information

Product Name

Cream Charger


Nitrous Oxide N2O


TUV, CE, ISO45001, ISO19001, ISO24001


24/box; 50/box;100/box




Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services,Bubble tea, Juice & Smoothie Bars, Cafes and Coffee Shops,


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